Happy Anniversary, RUSQ

Diane Zabel, Editor

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This volume marks a milestone for RUSA. RUSA’s journal is celebrating its fiftieth year. The first volume of our division’s journal was published in November 1960. This inaugural issue of RQ (the title preceding RUSQ) was eight pages long. In the past fifty years, our journal has come a long way in terms of length and production quality. Issues now average 104 pages in length, and the top notch staff at ALA Production Services is responsible for the crisp and contemporary design. While the look and feel of the journal has changed over the past half-century, the journal has consistently published a balance of thoughtful articles on practice and empirically based articles on issues in reference and public services librarianship. Many articles published in the journal over the past five decades have become classics in reference librarianship, library instruction, collection development, and readers’ advisory.

Since 1960 there have been many advisory board members, referees, column editors, and book reviewers who have donated their time and talent. While impossible to list all of these individuals by name, it does seem fitting to recognize those editors who have come before me. On behalf of the division, I want to thank my predecessors for their hard work and vision.

  • William S. Budington
  • Ben C. Bowman
  • John Fall
  • Bill Katz
  • Dennis Ribbon
  • Geraldine B. King
  • Helen B. Josephine
  • Kathleen Heim
  • Elizabeth Futas
  • Connie Van Fleet and Danny P. Wallace
  • Gail A. Schlachter

Of course, many of you know that the journal’s only joint editors (the dynamic duo of Connie Van Fleet and Danny P. Wallace) served two terms, albeit not consecutively. They retain the record of editing the journal for the greatest number of years (twelve in total).

This anniversary volume continues the fine tradition of publishing reflection and research to guide practice. I know that RUSQ readers will enjoy this volume in particular, with content covering future trends as well as the occasional look back at our profession.

Correspondence for Reference & User Services Quarterly should be addressed to Editor Diane Zabel, Schreyer Business Library, The Pennsylvania State University, 309 Paterno Library, University Park, PA 16802; e-mail: dxz2@psu.edu.

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