Special Thanks in a Year Like No Other

Diane Zabel

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This past year was a stressful one for several individuals associated with RUSQ as they took on additional responsibilities at work (myself included), dealt with budget cutbacks in their libraries, and in some cases took salary reductions themselves as a result of pay cuts and furloughs. Even under these trying circumstances, editorial advisory board members, referees, column and section editors, and book reviewers found time to volunteer their services to the journal. While resources were also stretched thin at ALA Production Services, Justine Wells, our extraordinary production editor, never sacrificed quality.

I am grateful to the great editorial advisory board that guides me. These members also spend considerable time carefully reading and evaluating submissions. The following individuals served as members of the 2009–10 RUSQ Editorial Advisory Board: Judith M. Arnold, Gwen Arthur, Sian Brannon, Corinne Hill, Jessica E. Moyer, Judith M. Nixon, Lisa O’Connor, Amber A. Prentiss, Michael Stephens, and Molly Strothmann. Manuscript submissions continue to rise, necessitating the need for additional referees. A large number of experts volunteered their services as occasional reviewers this past year. I am appreciative to the following individuals who took on this important role: Rebecca Albitz, Steve Alleman, Dawn Amsberry, Karen Antell, Curt Asher, Bobray Bordelon, Dawn Childress, Christina Desai, Joe Fennewald, Linda Friend, Russell A. Hall, Daniel Hickey, Neil Hollands, Alexia Hudson, Nancy Huling, Sally Kalin, M. Kathleen Kern, Daniel Mack, Eric Novotny, Bonnie Osif, Mary Popp, Marie Radford, Karen Sobel, Barry Trott, and Neil Wyatt. The result is an outstanding collection of feature articles.

I am also grateful to column editors M. Kathleen Kern (“The Accidental Technologist”), Neal Wyatt (“The Alert Collector”), Lisa O’Connor (“Information Literacy and Instruction”), Marianne Ryan (“Management”), and Barry Trott (“Readers’ Advisory”). Judith M. Nixon did double duty for part of the year as she completed her term as editor of the “Management” column while serving on the editorial advisory board.

The quality of the book reviews remains a strength of the journal. Tammy J. Eschedor Voelker’s first year as editor of the reference books section of “Sources” went off without a hitch. While there are too many reference book reviewers to list by name, I would like to recognize two special reviewers: Peter Bliss and Aimee deChambeau. Both entered the ranks of those who have contributed ten reviews of reference books for “Sources” since 2000. Karen Antell continues to select fascinating professional books for inclusion in “Sources” in her role as editor of the professional materials section. Distinguished reviewers of professional materials include Jenny Stenis, Larry Cooperman, Katy Herrick, Anthony Stamatoplos, Bernadette Lear, Lisa Powell Williams, Melanie Wachsmann, Robin Sinn, and Sarah Hart.

Since this is a division journal, there are a great many other people who contributed to the journal’s success this past year. Susan J. Beck never failed to deliver interesting and thought-provoking presidential columns on schedule. Several RUSA sections and committees used the journal to highlight their best work. Finally, Susan Hornung patiently answered my many questions relating to the budget and other issues while learning on the job during her first year as RUSA’s new executive director.

Correspondence for Reference & User Services Quarterly should be addressed to Editor Diane Zabel, Schreyer Business Library, The Pennsylvania State University, 309 Paterno Library, University Park, PA16802; e-mail: dxz2@psu.edu.

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