What are brochures? Meanings of Brochure

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  • Today, we invite you to read with Website Rusq to learn about the meaning of Brochure ? Brochure meanings. Why do businesses often use the term brochure in business reports?
  • Designed with the purpose of helping businesses reach more potential customers. Besides, if the brochure is uniquely designed and eye-catching, it will act as a weapon to help businesses stand out in today’s fiercely competitive market.
What are brochures? Meanings of Brochure
What are brochures? Meanings of Brochure

What is the definition of brochure?

  • This is a kind of booklet containing and including general information about products, events, famous tourist attractions, images… that Brochure suppliers want to convey to those who are considered customers. their goal.

Brochure Size

  • A typical Brochure will be at A4 Size (21X29.7)cm. There are also sizes A3, A5, … depending on the purpose of use of each business.

Brochure colors

  • A standard brochure usually uses 4 colors printed on glossy and thick paper to create a first impression of quality to the viewer.

Classification of brochures

Currently, there are two common types of Brochure: Bi-Fold Brochure and Tri-Fold Brochure:

  1. + Bi-fold Brochure shows a printed sheet on both sides of the paper and folded in two (Thus, the printed content will be divided into 4 sides).
  2. + Tri-fold Brochure Unlike the form of Bi-fold, Tri-fold Brochure shows a printed sheet on both sides of the paper but is folded in three (Thus, the printed content will be divided into 6 sides).

* Categorize brochures by field:

  1. – Travel Brochure (Travel / Tour Brochure)
  2. – Brochure for Financial Companies (Finance Brochure)
  3. – Hotel Brochure (Hotel Brochure)
  4. – Brochure For Commercial Companies (Business / Marketing Brochure)
  5. – Brochure About Health Care (Health Brochure)
  6. – Brochure For Engineering Company (Engineering Brochure)
  7. – Brochure for Technology (Technology Brochure)
  8. – Brochure For Entertainment, Creative Art (Entertainment/Art Brochure)
  9. – Brochure for Automobile / Motorcycle Businesses (Automobile Brochure)
  10. – Brochure for Media (Communication Brochure)
  11. – Education Brochure, School (Education / University Brochure)
  12. – Brochure For Spas, Beauty Salons (Spa / Health-Beauty Brochure)
  13. – Brochure for Non-Profit Organizations (Non Profit Brochure)
  14. – Real Estate Brochure (Real Estate Brochure)
  15. – Pet Care Brochure (Pet Care Brochure)
  16. – Brochure to promote specialized products and services (Product Brochure)
  17. – Electronic Brochure (Ebrochure)
  18. – Brochure For Small and Medium Business (Small-Business / Corporate Brochure)
  19. – Brochure For Software Companies (Software Brochure)
  20. – Sports Brochure (Sports Brochure)
  21. – Brochure For Stationery Store (Stationary Brochure)
  22. – Restaurant Brochure (Restaurant Brochure)
  23. – Building Brochure (Construction Brochure)
  24. – Brochure About Postcards (Card Brochure)

How to Design Brochure?

Before embarking on Brochure Design, you need:

Understanding brand characteristics
  • Understanding brand ethos is imperative. If you do not clearly understand the values and styles that your brand stands for, all media publications such as brochures will become fragmented, unclear and lack consistency.
Define target audience
  • It’s also important to understand the audience you’re designing for. Different audiences require different designs, and if you don’t “clear” your audience, you’re risking your design choices.
Identify success factors
  • Need to direct viewers to the nearest sales location? Include coupons or discount coupons, then measure how many people actually went to the store.
  • Are you trying to draw attention to website visitors? Include URLs in your brochure and track traffic throughout the campaign.
Build message
  • You need to know what message you are trying to convey through this brochure, and how to make it most effective. The message is definitely the most important thing. If you don’t have a strong, clear and coherent message, no matter how beautiful and impressive your design is, it’s still a failure.

When Designing Brochure, you need:

Always keep in mind brand design standards
  • Choose elements in the design that are suitable for the brand as well as the content of the information on the brochure to bring efficiency and customer recognition.
Design for the audience
  • When choosing a layout, think from the perspective of the viewer. How do they want to read and receive this information? Are the columns and rows okay, is this information too dense to represent graphically? Are there any colors or fonts that are particularly appealing to the viewer? Where should the contact information of the business be placed so that viewers can easily find it?
Choose the type of brochure, choose the image
  • According to Printaholic, There are 15 different ways to fold a brochure. These types of brochures will 100% depend on the content shown in the design.
  • You can choose the simple classic Tri-Fold. Or if you have tons of information to convey, choose styles that leave a lot of space. Or when designing step-by-step instructions for using the product, choose ways to present the content that make it easy for customers to read.
Organize content and images
  • Use headings and subheadings to structure your text and help your audience skim faster and more efficiently. The big title is the most important thing. You only have one chance to grab your audience’s attention, use it well.
Choose a Perfect CTA
  • Keep it simple and neat
  • Thinking beyond limits
  • Choose 1 Perfect CTA

Review Brochure and Print

Evaluation of brochure design quality thiết
  • Take some time to evaluate the design, this will be your last chance to make timely corrections.
Choose a brochure printing location
  • The factor that determines whether this brochure design product in real life is what you imagine it to be depends entirely on your choice of printer.
Explore printing options
  • Work with printing companies to select the materials that best suit your design. Consider factors such as paper type and level to get the perfect design.

The effect of brochures in marketing

  • We often see brochures at supermarket stalls; drugstores or, most commonly, at manufacturing companies or travel agents. With many advantages that Brochure brings, many businesses have chosen Brochure as a method to promote their products to potential customers.
  • Therefore, as a messenger representing the product line that businesses promote, brochures always play an essential role in marketing campaigns and contribute to bringing product brands closer to customers in the near future. competition today.


Through this article, Rusq.org hopes that readers will understand what Brochure is? Brochure meanings. And also hope that the above information will help readers understand the meaning of the term Brochure that businesses often use today.

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