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What are sensors? Meaning of Sensor - Website Rusq
What are sensors? The meanings of Sensor – Website Rusq

What is Sensor Definition?

  • Sensors are also known as sensors . This device is a sensor used to convert information in the external environment into electrical signals to help control other devices.


  • The most commonly used sensors are classified based on metrics such as: Voltage or electrical or magnetic sensors, velocity sensors, humidity sensors, flow sensors or fluid sensors, level sensors, gas sensors, pressure sensors, temperature or thermal sensors, optical sensors, position sensors, chemical sensors, environmental sensors, magnetic conversion sensors, etc.


By using rotary rheostats and linear rheostats, it greatly contributes to the conversion of displacements into voltage levels, in addition, it also contributes to converting resistive and capacitive sensor. It will operate on a common principle in the measurement of non-charged quantities by converting them all into electrical signals. The structure of a sensor is usually divided into four parts as follows:

  • The first part is the conversion component, the measuring devices or intermediate circuits or the diagrams of the intermediate circuit or the rectifier circuit. There is still another relatively important component that is the senxi sensor – the component used to measure in the system to follow the rotation, and then transmit commands to the angles of rotation at long distances that you cannot do. performed mechanically.
  • The second part is a rotary transformer that converts the voltage from the primary coil to the corresponding secondary electrical signal.
  • The third part is the two-degree gyroscope and the three-degree-of-freedom gyroscope, which are useful in measuring angular speeds in a stable system or measuring angular deviations.
  • The fourth part is the speed sensor: On this part, there is a code disc engraved with barcodes and light can pass through, behind the disc is placed a phototransistor and can withstand the effect of light sources.


Because of the great use of sensors in sensor products, they are often applied intensively in the field of industrial automation. Some typical applications are:

  • Distinguish milk/juice level inside the box
  • Detect the height of the cap
  • Color detection sensor
  • Measure the diameter of the pipe
  • Check the phenomenon of perforation of tin and aluminum caps
  • Detected the bottle cap is loose
  • Check the sample, detect the direction of rotation of the battery
  • Detect metal cans
  • Detecting ribbons
  • Detects sealing tape on vial/box lid
  • Inner curtain detection
  • Detecting marks/traces on the background
  • Detected pop cap on water bottle
  • Detects glossy plastic labels on paper
  • Detecting cake samples on the conveyor belt
  • PET bottle detection


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