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  • Welcome to Rusq.org, which aggregates all questions and answers what is the definition, discusses and answers what the abbreviation stands for among young people, today let’s learn a new concept, what is a sneaker? Sneaker meanings. What are sneakers? Sneaker classification for newcomers to the sneaker world. What are Sneakers? Distinguish different types of sneakers.
What are sneakers? List some of the most popular sneakers - Website Rusq
What are sneakers? List some of the most popular sneakers – Website Rusq

What is the definition of sneakers?

  • Sneakers and Streetwear always go together. You can combine an outfit that looks simple, comfortable with a pair of sneakers but very beautiful. However, because there are so many sneakers out there to choose from, it can be confusing for new players to know where to start. In my opinion, let’s start with the basic, simple things.
  • Today I will talk about sneakers, some famous brands, and some places where you can buy them.

Learn about Sneakers

First sneakers

  • Perhaps many people think that the historical story of today’s sneaker shoes must be associated with the tycoons in the shoe world such as adidas, nike, converse, new balance. But the real story is probably beyond everyone’s mind.
  • The first rubber shoes began to appear in the late 18th century, the first versions of the sneaker were completely different from the shoes we wear today.
  • In those days, the shoes that people wore were not designed with separate left and right shoes. It wasn’t until Charles Goodyear invented rubber that people invented rubber sole shoes.
  • Rubber sole shoes were soon recognized as very useful in the sport of tennis, then it received high praise and was widely used in many other sports.

Keds and Converses

  • Keds were one of the first shoes to be mass-produced in the US and they became a craze at the time.
  • Basically, rubber shoes are preferred for use in sports because their grip with the floor is better than leather sole shoes.
  • Grasping the market situation, Converse-branded shoes quickly appeared.
  • In 1917 they introduced the “All Star” basketball shoes. At that time, the shoe market was not very competitive, their product line was ranked at the top by a special design with soft cloths used around the ankle area to limit damage while walking. play.
  • In 1920, the legendary basketball player Chuck Taylor brought all his years of experience to design a most special shoe.
  • His design has remained almost unchanged over the past century, to this day it remains an immortal monument in the shoe industry.

Air Jordan

  • Starting in 1980, sneakers quickly went from footwear to a fashion icon and modern sneakers began to take the throne. In 1984 Nike collaborated with Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls football team as the image model for the company.
  • Then the Air Jordan 1 was born and the original Jordan was available in red and black. The Air Jordan 1s set Michael Jordan apart from the rest of the team – completely against the rules of the basketball association.

Sneakers and hip hop

  • After the story of Air Jordan, the influence of sneaker shoes also quickly spread to the music field.
  • Sneakers never knew how to become an indispensable tool for professional hip-hop rappers and dancers. Adidas teamed up with Run DMC, one of the biggest hip hop groups, and released the single “My Adidas” to promote the brand.
  • From then until 1990 and 2000 famous shoe brands regularly collaborated with hip hop artists. Nike also signed advertising contracts with Nelly, a famous rapper and singer, and Wu-tang Clan, the rap group of all time.

Sneakers are currently on the market, newbies should know

Sneaker will have 3 main lines distinguished based on its design: Low top, Mid top and High top


  • High-top is a line of sneakers with a height that covers the ankle. Usually, they will be quite coarse and heavier. They are more suitable for winter than summer.
  • In the group of high-top shoes, we have basketball shoes: This is one of the high-neck sports shoes. Of course basketball shoes also have low collars. They look cool, sporty, and cool. Without a doubt, one of the most popular basketball shoe brands is the Nike Air Jordan. Especially lines like 1’s, 3’s, 4’s and 11’s. (1’s and 11’s are High-top. 3’s and 4’s are Low-top)
  • High-top has many different forms. Most of them take inspiration from basketball shoes. We can have some simple looking High-tops like the Vans Sk8-Hi. If you want to buy Nike shoes that are not meant for basketball, you can choose Blazer. If you are a person who likes newness and personality, then the Margiela Future and Geobasket shoes will be suitable for you.


  • Actually, Mid-top doesn’t have much to say. In general, Mid-top is a shoe line whose height is in between High-top and Low-top. They will of course cover your ankles. Some popular Mid-top shoes such as Giuseppe Zanotti Mid-top, Nike Air Presto, Adidas Stan Smith Mid, Buscemi Mid-top, etc.


  • Low-top are sneakers that don’t go above the ankle. They won’t cover your ankles.
  • Usually, low-top shoes are moderately heavy and slim, they are great to wear in summer instead of winter.
  • These are probably the kind of shoes you will see every day because everyone seems to wear them.
  • Running shoes are in the low-top group. Running shoes are also known as Runners. Runners can be said to be one of the best-selling sneakers in the market today. They began to emerge and gain attention 5 years later, thanks to the introduction of the Nike Roshe Run. One of the plus points of Runners is that they are very quiet and comfortable. Recently, there are two famous Runners that are popular with customers: Adidas Ultraboost and Adidas NMD. They are suitable for running and always feel comfortable for consumers because the Boost sole is very soft.
  • Skate shoes are also in the low-top group. Skate shoes are skate shoes. They are usually quite light and made from canvas or leather. Usually, they have rather thick soles for more effective skateboarding purposes. Skate shoes will of course run not as smoothly as Runners but they give people a different look and attract some people. One of the famous brands that produce Skate shoes is Vans. There are two famous and best-selling lines of Vans that are Old Skool and Era.
  • Some other low-top lines are also famous and popular with young people. They seem to be able to coordinate with any clothes and wear for many different purposes. For example, Adidas Stan Smith, Nike Air Force 1 Low, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top, Adidas Superstar, etc.

Popular sneaker brands

  • + Vans: Although they mostly produce shoes for skateboarding purposes, Vans shoes always appear in the fashion world. They are known for simplicity, and variety but no less beautiful. If you are looking for simple shoes, then Vans is the choice for you.
  • + Adidas: Adidas Vietnam is also one of the most popular brands. Adidas’ designs are always eye-catching in today’s fashion world. They have many times collab with other companies or other famous people to produce limited quantity products. Adidas is famous for its application of Boost technology. Boost has created a breakthrough in the world of fashion and sports. It seems that Boost’s quality does not disappoint.
  • + Nike: Nike on the list is obvious because Nike is one of the biggest and most successful brands in recent years. Their shoes seem to be for everyone from young to old. They created the Air Jordan brand. It was a success that exceeded all expectations and no other basketball shoe could match the Air Jordan.
  • + Other brands: Here are some other brands that are very famous and also loved by many people


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