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  • Welcome to Rusq.org, which specializes in aggregating all definitions of what is, discussing and answering what stands for words among young people, today let’s learn a new concept, what is Teaser? Teaser meanings. What are teasers? Difference between teaser and trailer of a movie. What are teasers? How are teasers and trailers different?
What are teasers? How are teasers and trailers different? - Website Rusq Website
What are teasers? How are teasers and trailers different? – Rusq website

What is the definition of Teaser?

“Teaser” is best understood as the first promotional clip/video to introduce an entertainment product. The teaser is usually quite short and only evokes the content of the movie, music video for a few seconds to a few tens of seconds to create viewers’ curiosity for those products. A teaser does not have to be shown when the movie is about to be released, but it can also be shown 1-2 years before, sometimes even from when the movie, music product started filming or is still in the stage of production. idea. Specifically, the teaser is present in the following areas of activity:

  • – Teaser is the first image or promotional clip of an upcoming movie.
  • – Teaser is a short paragraph to promote any product.
  • – Teaser is an image clip or a short clip to promote upcoming music videos.
  • – Teaser can be taking the most surprising and interesting passages from the movies, liveshow videos to introduce those products, programs and events.
  • – Teasers are also post-production moments where manufacturers extract a short clip to advertise before bringing the product to market.

For the advertising industry, teaser is considered as a method of advertising activities to shock and create attention for the target customers and public. In recent times, when technology and communication are developing more and more strongly, reaching potential customers has become easier than ever at a reasonable cost. Teaser is now chosen as a form to reach and create a sense of curiosity for people before the movie or music product is released. A teaser, although not able to tell the entire content, can still make the audience really excited about the content and want to immediately see it when it comes out.

To be able to produce the most complete teaser for the public, it is necessary to go through all the stages of implementation, which are:

  • – Come up with the most unique and novel ideas for products to attract the attention and support of the public.
  • – Design exclusive and attractive images, showing the theme content of the works.
  • – Choose the most meaningful message for the movie, music product so that they quickly go into the hearts of the public and make a strong impression on them.

Besides, the creation of the teaser also depends on a lot of production stages, the important editing techniques of a professional crew.

Teaser – an economical but effective way to advertise

Teaser – an economical but effective way to advertise

  • Currently, one thing that cannot be denied is the outstanding advantage of teasers for life, especially in the field of entertainment because of its high applicability. Indeed, teaser is a form that can be applied to all industries in different fields, from technology-related products, cosmetics, tourism to food services, etc. And when applied According to this method, manufacturers will not have to change their advertising strategies regularly to suit each period anymore, which helps businesses significantly save budget for marketing activities. for each product, each stage of production. With the way of creating teasers, many products will be integrated at the same time in one video and bring viewers curiosity and interest as well as remove cost barriers, so that businesses can You can easily apply this advertising strategy to your business.
  • With only a very small cost, a teaser could be born and introduce all the important and necessary information of a movie, a music product to the public in a thorough and complete manner. perfect and can be ready to post on many different information channels and media. It can be business websites, social networking sites such as facebook, instagram, youtube, etc. and promises to bring a very effective advertising campaign for those products as well as manufacturing businesses. .

Video teaser – future development trend

  • In the past, the production of videos/clips and teasers was often quite expensive from the company’s budget as well as a great deal of time and effort, especially needing to be combined with a production team, a specialized team. industry, working closely together can create a complete product. And with the development of technology and social networks, creating promotional teasers for products in a short time is becoming a trend and is applied by a large number of entertainment companies and businesses to the strategy. your ad. The method of releasing teasers before the release of a movie or music product is a way to help the public visualize a part of the content of that product and have the most objective view before making a decision. track and select that product.
  • Most of the time, the producers and creators of teasers are still quite young people who have creativity, breakthrough thinking and the ability to use design tools and software, video editing, knowledgeable and proficient in cinematic techniques, knows how to develop a brand. That’s why the teaser, although of a short duration, requires high quality, attracts viewers, and editors may have to do it in a few days to a week depending on the content and scale of the new product. can complete teasers for movies or music products.

Difference between teaser and trailer

Currently in the field of advertising, besides teasers, there is another concept that is trailers. In terms of form and expression, the teaser and trailer seem quite similar and many people still mistakenly think they are the same. However, that is not the case. Let’s also learn the difference between teaser and trailer through the content below!

To distinguish the difference between these two concepts, it is first necessary to understand what is a trailer? Trailer is understood as a short film used to advertise entertainment products such as music videos, movies, audiovisual programs and events. Trailer is a video that the producer extracts from the images and scenes recorded in the movie or music product and advertises the products. The trailer is released when that product is completed and the producer will only cut out a segment to fully advertise a part of the content to serve their purposes and advertising strategies. The trailer is also known as preview and a trailer will have a longer time than the teaser, usually ranging from 1-3 minutes depending on the movie or music product.

Trailers are now not only available in movies and theaters, but have been increasingly popular in most different fields, popular on the Internet, especially on Youtube channel. A movie can have many different trailers, and most of the following trailers will be longer than the previous one. A trailer, although the duration is not much, but the end purpose is completely different from the teaser. So what exactly is the difference between the teaser and the trailer?

In addition to the common point of having a short video, the teaser and trailer have completely different roles. If a teaser is released with the purpose to arouse the public’s curiosity about a movie, music or entertainment product, the trailer only serves as a summary of the content of that movie. in a certain order and in the shortest possible time.

  • – Trailer is a form of describing the details of the movie in a very conventional way of storytelling, while the teaser uses a more shocking method and creates a surprise for viewers.
  • – Teaser is considered a short film for producers to advertise a certain product, while the trailer is a clip extracted from the scenes to PR for their film.
  • – Teaser usually only has one and is released once to advertise the whole movie and music product, while with trailers, it can have many and be released many times with different durations.
  • – For a movie or music product that has been officially released, the teaser will no longer be played, but the trailer can still be played over and over again.


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