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What is 5G network? What features, application and how does it work? - Website Rusq Website
What is 5G network? What features, application and how does it work? – Rusq website

What is the definition of 5G?

  • 5G stands for 5th Generation, also known as the 5th generation of mobile networks. It will operate in the millimeter wavelength band – between 30 GHz and 300 GHz.
  • According to the announced information, 5G technology will use HAPS stations instead of terrestrial base stations being exploited for 2G, 3G and 4G networks.
  • HAPS station stands for High Altitude Stratospheric Platform Stations. These are airplanes that are suspended at a fixed position about 17km~22km above the ground, and act like a satellite!
  • Therefore, the 5G network signal will reduce the situation of being hindered by high-rise architectures. At the same time, because of the high altitude, the mining problems related to the coverage area will be easily solved. Most especially, where land-based broadcast stations cannot cover, they can also catch 5G networks (when using HAPS stations).

Advantages of 5G . network

The arrival of 5G network promises to bring a lot of utility and wide application in the future, because 5G network possesses many outstanding advantages compared to 4G network.

5G Mạng Network4G Mạng Network
Speed– Theoretically, the estimated speed is 10Gbp/s (10 gigabits per second), 10 times faster than 4G network.

Latency (ping) can be down to 4 Mbps , even 1 Mbps.

For example, 5G speeds allow watching “8k” videos and downloading a 3D movie takes just 30 seconds.

– Theoretically, the speed reaches 1 – 1.5 Gbp/s.

Latency (ping) is 75Mbps.

Example: 4G speed allows watching “8k” video and downloading a 3D movie is 6 minutes.

Frequency band usedThe high frequency of the wireless band is around 30 GHz – 300 GHz.Low frequency of the 700 MHz – 2600 MHz band.
CoverageWide , due to the use of HAPS station suspended in the air.Limited, because of the use of stations built on the ground.
Device connection supportConnect 10-100 times the number of devices connected at the same time like:


– Heavy machinery.

Sensor networks used in buildings, cities, farms, etc.

– Transport system, infrastructure.

=> Connection between user personal devices and between machine devices .

Connection between user personal devices in certain area.
Absolutely minimize interruptions between devices.It is difficult to control interruptions and network transfers between devices.
Energy savingUp to 90% reduction in power consumption for network usage.

=> Helps increase battery life by 10 years for low battery capacity phones…

There are no highlights on the device’s energy efficiency.

*What is 5G network and has more advantages than 4G but still faces many challenges such as:

5G networks must use ultrasonic waves with high frequencies (between 20GHZ and 300GHz) but they cannot go through walls and roofs. Meanwhile, the wavelength of 4G network has the ability to overcome obstacles better than 5G network. Therefore, the problem to solve this situation for 5G networks may be the presence of the coverage of the receiving antennas.

The technology of smart devices needs to be exploited in accordance with 5G technology as the device and application platform.

5G network development trend in the future

5G network development trend in Vietnam

  • Major carriers in Vietnam said that the success of 5G network testing in 2019 will depend a lot on how soon the Ministry of Information and Communications issues a frequency plan next year.
  • From there, the new carriers really prepare everything to make infrastructure changes to meet the frequency that the Ministry plans to use for 5G.
  • In addition, according to an estimate in a report by Ericsson, telecommunications operators in Vietnam will have the opportunity to gain an additional $ 3.17 billion in revenue if using 5G network technology in solving the problem of industry digitization. industry.
  • However, the most important thing is still how carriers have to optimize speed, quality and reduce costs to achieve the desired revenue.

5G network development trend in the world

  • Because of the fast download speed and wide coverage, the future development trend of 5G networks will really explode around the world. In addition, the effective exploitation of the 5G network will really change the speed of technology development, especially with the appearance of many previously untapped connected devices.
  • The major carriers aim that 5G networks will begin to cover in 2020.


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