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  • Welcome to Rusq.org, specializing in generalizing all questions and answers, what is the definition, discussing and answering what the abbreviation stands for among young people, today let’s learn a new concept that is what is a forwarder? Forwarder meanings. What is a forwarder? The role of forwarder in import and export
What is a forwarder? The role of the forwarder in import and export! - Website Rusq Website
What is a forwarder? The role of the forwarder in import and export! – Rusq website

What is forwarder definition?

  • “Forwarder” is a term used in the field of import and export to refer to companies or people working in freight services. Simply put, these are the units that stand out to act as intermediaries, receive goods from shippers or collect goods from small shipments, then gather and hire suitable units such as: shipping lines, airlines, etc. to transport shipments to final destinations according to customer requirements.
  • Forwarder helps to meet the delivery of goods on a variety of routes, including domestic and international routes. For example, if a business in Hanoi wants to transport a certain shipment to Korea, this company will need to find a reputable forwarder unit that they believe the most and then present the company’s needs. to them. At that time, the forwarder will receive the orders and continue to contact the best goods to hire them to transport the goods to the location in Korea as requested.
  • Currently, there are many people who think that the job of a forwarder is like an intermediary “stork” and only specializes in receiving goods and then looking for shipping units and receiving the difference. This situation mostly appears in units, small organizations or individuals. In fact, professional forwarder companies and units will operate and support a lot for shippers, and also help ship goods quickly and help shippers can Save a lot of money and effort. So what is the role of the forwarder service in import and export? Follow along with the content presented below!
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The role of forwarder in import and export

In fact, it can be seen that the export of goods is not as simple as normal trading or delivery. Specifically, the forwarder plays an important role and helps shippers to be convenient in trading, that is:

  • – The import and export process taking place at the ports will require you to perform a lot of different procedures and follow very complicated processes that it is difficult for the goods owners to do on their own. , going well. Forwarders with extensive experience in the industry will be able to understand the basic and most important steps to take and will help shippers to quickly transport shipments to the required destination.
  • – Currently, there are many different shipping lines, airlines or ports and different departure or import times. Therefore, with its existing relationships, the forwarder will be able to quickly select the carriers that are most suitable for the shipments, which if the shippers search by themselves, it may take a lot of time. too much time, affecting the delivery schedule as well as the efficiency of the work.
  • – One of the advantages for shippers when choosing a forwarder is the issue of cost. Because of their professional experience and ability to work and create good relationships with shipping lines and airlines, they can exchange and get the best price, reducing a lot of costs for shippers. . Because if you are inexperienced and do not know the price of each company, if you can’t bargain yourself, it will be easy to “hole” and spend a lot of money on freight. In particular, if your shipment is quite small and small, contacting the carriers yourself will have a very high cost. Therefore, the forwarder service with the function of consolidating many small goods for consolidation will help companies, organizations or individuals save a lot of costs for this activity.
  • – What is quite important and difficult for shippers is the language problem. Certainly, for goods that need to be exported or shipped abroad, it will be necessary to use many different languages, especially English. Therefore, if shippers choose the shipping service of forwarders, it will certainly be more convenient.

Thus, for the forwarder service, although shippers will have to spend a certain amount of money to rent, compared to the time, effort and money spent to do it themselves, it will definitely save a lot. much. This is the reason why more and more companies, organizations or individuals today decide to choose a forwarder service to support their freight problems.

What does the forwarder service include?

The main job of the forwarder is to arrange and contact suitable freight partners for shipments of companies, organizations and individuals. After contacting, we will negotiate and agree on the best price for the customer. In addition, forwarders are also responsible for supporting customers with a number of other services when they have needs:

  • – Support customers to carry out some customs clearance procedures and replace the goods owners to make relevant documents with tax payment
  • – Support services to manage issues related to important documents for the transport and export of goods such as import and export permits, bills of lading, certificates of origin of goods chemical…
  • – Forwarder supports the search as well as provides storage services for inventory management or all other activities related to the logistics chain.
  • – In addition, forwarder also undertakes consulting and supporting work for customers on issues related to international trade, especially new customers who are involved in import and export activities looking to foreign trade partners. forwarder to be consulted and share their experiences in this field.

The method of choosing the best forwarder

With the strong development of the world economy, promoting import and export activities is also becoming more and more exciting, that’s why many shipping service companies appear. This poses a problem for companies, organizations and businesses, how to choose the most reputable and quality forwarder? Here are some experiences that you can refer to:

– Take advantage of your relationships and if you have an acquaintance who has worked or worked in a forwarder, it will be a great thing. You can ask them to advise you as well as introduce you to some of the most reputable and quality forwarders. More than anything, giving real reviews is a valuable experience to help you find the best place.

– You can search for some forwarder companies on social networking sites, websites, groups, forwarder associations in Vietnam, VIFFAS forwarding associations and consult opinions and feedbacks from customers. other products to choose the most reputable and quality units.

– And through the above ways, you can make a list of forwarder units that you consider the most potential to compare and re-evaluate and then make a final selection decision. You can judge by some of the following criteria:

  • + Evaluate the experience and types of services to see if they can ship the items that match your requirements. For example, if you want to ship frozen food items to a foreign country, you need to find out carefully if they have ever had these shipping operations and how is the shipping quality?
  • + Assessment of cost issues: You need to find out how much the forwarder costs, what services will be included so that later you can limit unexpected arisings. In this regard, you can compare with many other units to be able to choose the best price and suitable for the transportation of your items. It is important to see if these costs have actually been optimized for profits so as not to have unwanted problems later on.
  • + Evaluate the attitude and professionalism of the forwarder, consider how they advise customers. For a good forwarder unit, they will certainly be very enthusiastic in advising and supporting to explain to customers all questions related to their services.

Some careers in the field

Forwarding is a fairly broad field and also has a lot of job opportunities with different career positions. For students or graduates majoring in economics, maritime or foreign trade schools, they can choose for themselves job positions in this field.

  • – You can become a Sales forwarder (salesman) – this department will be trained to become professional staff to be able to advise, quote and close customer sales, bringing profit. business for enterprise.
  • – Become a Customs clearance officer – take care of the declaration to ensure the fastest and most efficient transportation of goods.
  • – Become a Trucking operation – perform the work of managing and operating all issues related to road transport.
  • – Become Customer service agents – perform the task of communicating with customers, and at the same time answering questions as well as taking care of customers before, during and after the sale. Sometimes you are also in charge of consulting and closing sales. For some units, Sales forwarder and Customer service are one.
  • – Become Documentation/Document Staff – in charge of collecting, supplementing and classifying necessary documents for the transportation of goods.
  • – Operation Staff – this is the position that will take care of finding and booking shipping lines, airlines, etc. to carry out the transportation of goods to the destination. at the request of customers.


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