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  • Welcome to Rusq.org, which specializes in summarizing all questions and answers what is the definition, discussing and answering what the abbreviation stands for among young people, today let’s learn a new concept that is what is a leader? Meanings of Leader. What is a leader? What are the elements that a leader must have?

What is the definition of Leader?

  • Leader can be understood as a group leader, leader, commander, who is the head and control of a separate organization or collective. Leader is someone who sets direction, creates specific plans and inspires the team.
  • Leader differs from Manager in many ways. Manager relies on command and control, using scientific workflow to work. Leader is the expression of the spirit, the inspiration for the collective.
  • Let’s compare the difference between Leader and Manager
  • I wrote a comparison between the two.

Some concepts related to Leader

  • In addition to the concept of Leader standing alone, the word Leader also goes with other words indicating other professions. They created a number of specialized terms for specific jobs.
  • Loss Leader: An item or service that is sold at a low price to advertise to consumers.
  • Category Leader: This company sells more product categories than any other company.
  • Cost Leader: This company sells products at a cheaper price than other companies.
  • Price Leader: The first unit that determines the price of a particular product or service. Then other units sell that product or service at the same price.
  • Team Leader: This is the captain, commander, and leader of a team of two or more people. The group works according to a pre-determined common goal.
  • Sub Leader: Vice Captain, Deputy Head, Vice President, etc. These people have roles and positions lower than Leader and higher than other members of the team.
  • Market Leader: The person or company that leads the market. This is the unit with revenue, number of products consumed…. highest on the market.
  • Shift Leader: These are the positions of Shift Leader, Team Leader in restaurants and hotels. They are the person with the authority to manage and run a group of assigned area employees within a certain time frame. Some tasks of Shift Leader such as timekeeping, specialized professional guidance, complaint handling, etc.

What is Leadership?

  • Leadership is understood as the ability and leadership skills of an individual in operating an organization. It is the process by which the individual has a powerful influence on others through his actions and words. Thereby helping the team to complete the common goal excellently in the available direction.
  • Leadership does not carry the meaning of commanding or ordering, but must connect employees, so that employees respect, trust and respect the Leader. Leadership makes a difference because it makes employees want to achieve higher goals. Leadership ability is demonstrated when individuals inspire work to the team by activating the working energy of employees.

Elements a Leader must have

Basic skills

Know how to create an inspiring vision

  • A vision is understood as a realistically convincing description of where you want to be in the future. Vision helps to determine the right direction, methods, set priorities and specific goals.
  • A compelling, inspirational vision, leaders need to focus on the strengths of the organization. A number of strategic tools are used to solve this such as Pest analysis, SWOT, Usp analysis… Leaders need to create core competency analyzes to assess the current situation of their company.

Know how to motivate and inspire employees

  • Most employees will be willing to work if they see the importance of themselves in their work. A smart leader will find ways to boost the morale of each member.
  • As John Quincy Adams once said, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and grow more, you are a leader.”
  • A compelling vision will be a solid foundation for a leader. The ability to inspire and arouse the spirit will help people achieve the best work efficiency.

Assign tasks to the right people

  • You cannot catch fish climbing trees or birds swimming. Let them do the right thing, the ability of each person will be promoted to the best. Leaders need to know how to choose the right side to send gold, assign the right person, the right job, to each employee. Assigning the wrong person both puts pressure on them and delays the work of the whole team.

Allocate common goals into functional goals

  • After assigning the right person, the Leader needs to allocate common goals into functional goals. Ensuring the work is carried out according to the plan is a necessary skill of the Leader.
  • After breaking down the general goals, the goals are divided into short-term and long-term. This creates a connection between individual work and collective work.


  • The work that wants to achieve the best results, everyone must plan together. The complete plan will create synchronous and smooth coordination in the company. Specific orientations will be set up by the Leader and communicated in detail to employees.

Know how to acknowledge

  • Leaders always need to recognize the capacity of each member of the team in the most impartial and objective way. Reward them with gifts when they have good ideas and good skills. Great rewards for good employees are always well deserved. This creates a motivation for the whole team to work hard together.
  • Leaders link the two expectations through employee expectations theory. Expectations of work that will challenge, produce good results. Expect good results, create attractive rewards. The desire to assert themselves and the reward both material and immaterial will be the motivation for the employees.

Team building and training

  • This is the most basic skill of the Leader. First, the Leader must understand the mentality of the team he manages. Ensuring that his employees are equipped with the most necessary skills is also what a Leader needs to do.
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Essential Qualities of a Leader


  • Confidence is indispensable in a Leader. Only when you are confident enough in yourself will your employees believe in you. If you are not sure of your decision, who can follow your will? Leader’s confidence, decisiveness to gain respect from everyone in the team.

Creativity, innovation

  • Steve Jobs said: “Innovation makes the difference between leaders and employees”. Creative thinking and constant innovation make leaders gain the trust of the majority. Leader dares to think, dare to do a different way to bring unique ideas into reality.

Honesty and integrity

  • The 34th President of the United States, Dwight.D. Eisenhower said: “A supreme leader cannot be without integrity. Without it, they won’t be successful, whether it’s in a team, on a football field, in the army or in an office.” Leaders need honesty and integrity to set an example and create their own values.


  • Leaders are often dictatorial, commanding, so empathizing with their employees is quite difficult. Empathy and sharing will closely connect employees with Leaders. Thereby creating a network of links, helping the work to flow smoothly and achieve the best results..
  • A foresight, sense of responsibility, leadership and talented management.. are the factors a Leader needs. Not everyone is born with the qualities to be a Leader. They need to go through the process of forging and practical experience to have all the above elements. Leaders not only manage but also know how to manage and win people’s hearts.
  • Leader is someone who inspires and leads employees in the team. They are not specialists who only know how to give orders. Not even the person who does all the work in the company. Leader is the person who connects employees. They are the ones who keep the ignition to detonate the surrounding energies to create the best work efficiency.


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