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  • Welcome to Rusq.org, which specializes in aggregating all questions and answers, what is the definition, discussing and answering what the abbreviation stands for among young people, today let’s learn a new concept that is what is a local brand? Local brand meanings. What is local brand? The birth of the term local brand. What is a local brand and why makes shoppers “crazy”. What is local brand? Do you really get it right?
What is local brand? Do you really get it right? - Website Rusq Website
What is local brand? Do you really get it right? – Rusq website

What is the definition of a local brand?

  • Local Brands are local clothing brands of a certain region such as Vietnam.
  • Catching up with the current trend, the local brand was born with a dusty streetwear fashion line that opened up all over Vietnam to catch up with the trend of foreign fashionistas, which shows that Vietnam is also a very developed country and quite connoisseur in the field of fashion with a healthy development that does not stop reaching for great progress, which is reflected in the style as well as the individual dressing taste of each product. The product is inspired and made by the Vietnamese designer himself.

The Formation of Local Brands

  • The formation of Local Brands was also very difficult for a fairly long period of time about 10 years ago, Streetwear brands established in Vietnam were extremely scarce, even just zero because at that time the trend was Also, young people have not yet formed and accepted local brand lines because they are afraid of the price, the design and the most important thing is the quality in each quality product?
  • And the answer is that in the last few years from 2016-2018, many Local Brands have been born and renewed, marking a spectacular mark in the Vietnamese fashion industry.
  • It can be said that the intensity of their use and popularity of up to 99.9% for young people is not only a trend, but local brands are a fashion craze when bringing good designs. impressive and beautiful. In which, the brands that young people love a lot that cannot help but mention such as: 5theway, Playdirty, Bloomode, hades studio, the beauter,….

How to shop smartly?

Well, local brand sounds good! So why not just buy it now?

It’s not that simple! Many people buy local brand goods for the first time like a lamb, buy whatever looks good, and when they receive the goods, they cry nine rivers. Currently, there are more and more local brands, if you sit down to list, two pairs of paper are still not exhausted, so the quality of the product is also difficult to accurately assess the quality and price. I have a few small tips to spend money wisely as well as dress to look good:

  • – Only buy famous brands, lots of feedback, or better yet, go to marketplace groups to ask for opinions from people, where people will honestly evaluate you (typically VSSG Marketplace group). There is a little trick to see the feedback of a brand on instagram, usually when people post pictures they often tag the brands in their outfit, so we can see the photos a brand is tagged in to see if the pants, that shirt is good or not
  • Don’t trust YouTubers too much. This is a sincere advice, they may take money and review a brand shoddy for you, who knows. (For example, there was a guy A who reviewed a very good brand X, his fans rushed to buy it and then hundreds of people complained about the quality)
  • – Money is what you get, cheap is yours, don’t be greedy and regret it There are some cases where the brand is of good quality but the price is quite affordable, I will not mention this TH.
    – Ask carefully about the form and size, because it is bought online, it will be difficult, some brands have their own measurements, so just ask for clarity, don’t be shy. And if you buy it in-store, just try it and then buy it.
  • – To limit the prints from cracking and peeling, wash by hand, and machine wash the shirt upside down, some brands have instructions in the label, just apply it.
  • – If people are demolishing old wardrobes and rebuilding 100%, don’t put too much money on one item (unless you are very rich), just divide each item by one item, giving a complete set like a t-shirt , a jacket, a pair of pants, etc., this will be quite difficult because there will be a time when you will run out of money and not build enough.
  • – Do not follow difficult styles such as techwear, darkwear at first, try to wear many different combinations and then you will find the style that suits you best.
  • – Shoes are extremely important in an outfit, for example, chunky shoes should be worn with baggy pants
  • – Extremely useful accessories for your outfit, a chain, necklace, glasses all contribute to embellishing.

In addition, there are a few personal tips that I have gathered:

  • – Do not buy shirts with printing such as satan or angel or something. This is not because the print is easily damaged, but after a while playing street style, you will not like that style anymore, but instead are vintage tees, simple. But just experience it first because everyone’s preferences are different, everyone needs to have one time to splash money out the window to gain experience.
  • – Should buy 2nd items to save, just Cash On Delivery and then check the goods before paying is fine. You can wait for a sale (some brands have a lot of sales, so be patient). Can be bought at some thrift shops, played street style for a few years and now I am worshiping thrift (also known as thrift), many extremely burning items that no local brand has.
  • – Although this is a bit contrary to the title but DON’T RELATE LOCAL BRAND SO MUCH, it’s not always good to buy a local brand, an average shirt is about 300 thousand, pants are about 350-400 thousand, if not necessary, it should not be. buy
  • – And if people spend wild money, don’t worry, if the item is still good, you can resell it, this is how I built and smashed my wardrobe


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