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What is Authentic? Should I use Auth row or not? - Website Rusq Website
What is Authentic? Should I use Auth row or not? – Rusq website

What is the definition of Authentic?

  • Auth stands for Authentic, one can also use words such as real, original, genuine, legit to describe products of genuine origin, produced and released by the same company to the standards that the company uses. they set out. You can simply understand that auth goods are genuine.
  • Of course, besides auth goods, there are also some other commonly associated terms such as rep products and fake goods.

What is fake?

  • Fake is a term used to describe products that are imitations from other brands, they may have the same or similar design as the genuine products but with worse materials and often not as durable. .
  • Fake goods are also divided into many levels from super fake to fake 1, fake 2, etc. Depending on their level, their prices will also be different. The highest price then gradually decreases from fake 1 to larger numbers.

What is a rep?

  • Rep is an abbreviation for replica goods, which is a word used to describe products that are meticulously and sophisticatedly copied, making it difficult for users to distinguish.
  • Replica goods can be re-manufactured based on samples of pre-made products and using materials that are close to or identical to genuine products.

How to identify Authenic, replica and fake goods

  • Authenic goods (genuine goods) are always better quality, sophisticatedly designed with bold brand of the company. There are patent papers, warranties, high value in quality as well as design, so the price is sky-high. To distinguish auth goods, you can see the logo, material, style ….
  • Fake goods (fake goods) not only do not have the standard design and reach the “genuine” level like replica goods, but also have extremely poor quality, resulting in low durability of the product.
  • Replica goods may have the same design, with the naked eye it will be difficult to identify with auth goods, but in terms of material and durability, it cannot be equal. It is mass-produced, the material is cheaper, so the price is much cheaper.
  • Of course: “Authentic goods are always the most expensive, then replicas and lastly fakes”
  • It is not a coincidence that replicas and fakes are produced, most of the products that are copied and counterfeited are produced from famous brands.
  • In Vietnam, items such as cosmetic phones tend to choose genuine (Authentic) products compared to men’s/women’s fashion clothes, bags, etc.

Why should you use authenic goods?

Using genuine products means that you get the maximum benefit that the product brings.

When using auth goods, you will satisfy your own fashion needs, experience the comfort of the material or simply enjoy the luxurious and noble feeling that the product brings. Besides, when shopping for a genuine product, you always receive a warranty from the manufacturer.

Using genuine products means you are respecting the manufacturer

  • In order to bring to the market a high-end product, these products have to go through a lot of “processing” stages from researching fashion trends, to selecting materials, product design to promotion. advertise to users.
  • An auth product you are holding in your hand is the work of a whole team of staff behind, so using genuine products means you are respecting and supporting the people who work for this brand.
  • It’s no coincidence that British luxury fashion brand Burberry burned their goods worth more than 28 million pounds (more than 32.6 million USD) to protect their brand.

Using genuine products means complying with the law.

  • Using replica or fake goods means that you are helping those who “steal” brains, remember that if consumers do not have demand, suppliers will not be produced. So if you say no to counterfeit products, then surely the number of these products on the market will decrease.


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