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  • Welcome to Rusq.org, which summarizes all the definitions of what is, and discusses and answers what the abbreviation stands for among young people, today we will learn a new concept that is Body shaming? Body shaming meanings. What is body shaming? How to overcome fear of body shaming? What is body shaming? Why are young people so discriminating?
What is body shaming? Why are young people so discriminating - Website Rusq
What is body shaming? Why are young people so discriminating – Website Rusq

What is the definition of Body shaming?

  • Body shaming is understood as the act of disparaging another person’s appearance. Using negative language to denigrate and ridicule another person’s appearance, make the person feel offended, spread negative thoughts that cause obsessions and serious mental breakdown. The sayings, although very simple, such as fat like a pig, ugly to the devil, etc. Even though they are only said to create laughter, those things are accidentally body shaming.
  • There is no universal standard of beauty and physical appearance. Simply when they see someone going against the standards of society, then disparaging thoughts arise, sometimes its consequences are more serious than criticizing someone. Joking must go hand in hand with the listener feeling comfortable and happy. The line between joking and body shaming is really thin, you can accidentally step on it at any time.

Who is most likely to be body shaming?

  • Anyone can be the subject of body shaming. However, the most typical are still influential celebrities. Body shaming can take the form of it being between oneself or mocking others. Celebrities will receive a lot of attention from people. This is inevitably negative attention and perhaps it is not uncommon for them to be disparaged for their appearance.
  • In Vietnam, more and more stars are heavily criticized for their appearance. Especially in the final round of Vietnam’s next top model, just because of her thin body, Cao Ngan was constantly mocked by netizens as a mobile skeleton. In Western countries, the situation is not much better. Even the famous singer Adele was also subjected to body shaming when she had just given birth to her first child.
  • Body shaming of appearance is not a strange thing in Korea. Koreans think that facade is everything to them, self-image is self-reputation. Therefore, it is not surprising that 20% of Koreans have had plastic surgery.
  • The form of self-deprecating body shaming is formed from the obsession with inferior beauty to everyone around. They are always obsessed with body defects such as: too thin body, too fat, big face, big legs… and inferiority complex.
  • With the current development of science and technology, social networks have become an ideal place for subjects to perform body shaming actions with words. Up to 80% of hate speech is uttered from accounts on Facebook, Instagram or twitter and its consequences cannot be denied.

How to overcome the fear of body shaming?

  • Body shaming makes you feel that everything around you is so bad, so bad that you only know how to lock yourself in the house, not daring to contact anyone when going to school or work. Because you think that, if you don’t come into contact with anyone, you won’t have to bear the words about the market anymore. So is this really good or not? How to get out of this situation?
  • No one has the right to decide whether they are born beautiful or ugly, how they look. Instead of body shaming yourself, why don’t you see the good points yourself, sometimes those good points make you more special than the people around you. Let’s change the gloomy atmosphere around you by inviting friends to go somewhere, confide in secret things… When being opened, immediately your negative thoughts will be released.
  • You don’t have to do the opposite of body-shaming to retaliate, because you don’t need to prove you’re better than others, you don’t even need to try to explain their body shaming is wrong, you just have to live with it. yourself, with what you think is beautiful.

People who like Body shaming

  • It is a fact that the sick people here are not those who are despised, but rather from the personalities of those who despise them. The disease of “formal importance” or worse, “form obsession” has pushed these people into a negative way of thinking with no way out. Using words to disparage others is a manifestation or a form of this incurable mental illness. Some people think Body shaming is just a contribution to make people better, people point out the bad points of others to help that person know and correct. However, this is only a shallow and profound point of view. Hurting someone is different from helping or advising someone. Do not use this excuse to justify your own selfishness and push others into suffering. Making fun of other people’s hurt is not something you should do.


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