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  • Welcome to Rusq.org, which specializes in aggregating all questions and answers what is the definition, discussing and answering what the abbreviation stands for among young people, today let’s learn a new concept that is What is Power? Meanings of Capacity. What is capacity? What does device capacity mean? What is Capacity? Formula for calculating standard power 100%
What is capacity – Definitions of capacity - Website Rusq
What is capacity – Definitions of capacity – Rusq Website

What is the definition of Capacity?

  • Capacity – This is a very familiar sounding word, isn’t it?
  • Example: The capacity of this generator is large and can generate electricity continuously for 24 hours. Most household appliances have different capacities such as refrigerators, air conditioners, water heaters and coolers, lights, televisions and computers, etc.

What is English capacity

  • English power is Wattage, which is a word used quite commonly in foreign companies specializing in electricity.

What is electric capacity?

  • Power is a parameter that tells us how much power you have used. Or to put it more easily, the capacity is to calculate the amount of electricity you have and then calculate the amount that you will have to pay for that household appliance in the month.

What is power factor?

  • The power factor according to the electrical industry is also known as the Cosφ power system, read as Cos phi. According to the physics that explains the definition of electrical power factor, this is the ratio of the effective power absorbed by the load to the apparent power flowing in the circuit and a dimensionless quantity in the closing range from -1 to 1. In other words, the power factor is the criterion used to evaluate an electricity-using unit whether it is economical and reasonable.

What is reactive power?

  • Reactive power is also known as unworked power in English. Translated into Vietnamese, we can simply understand that this is part of the power generated by the magnetic field in the generator turbine. It can be said that Reactive power is very important for inductive loads, it contributes to the creation of magnetic fields during the starting process.

What is power consumption?

  • As above # has an explanation of what capacity is, the power consumed is also called electrical capacity. So power consumption is the rate at which a device uses energy.

Formula for calculating power

We have the following power calculation formula:

Formula for calculating power

Formula for calculating power


  • P is power (Jun/sec (J/s) or Watt (W)). The unit of power is Watt (W).
  • A is the work done (Nm or J).
  • t is the time to do the work (s).

How many w . is 1kw?

We have the following answer: 1KW = 1000 W; 1MW = 1 000 000 W.

How to calculate capacity

How to calculate capacity

What is speaker power?

  • Speaker power can be understood as an important indicator of the speaker’s loudness and is measured in watts (W).

What is apparent power?

  • The apparent power, also known as the full power, is the name that refers to the power supply from the source. Is the sum of the real active power and the imaginary part of the reactive power in AC.

What is the rated power?

  • Nominal power is also known as real power, rated power is also the common name of rated power. This is the name written on the UPS products. Thereby allowing users to know the maximum value that the UPS can meet when supplying power to the external circuit.

What is refrigeration capacity?

  • Refrigeration capacity can be understood as the capacity or cooling capacity of the air conditioner in your home. The unit of cooling capacity is Btu/h, this is the power consumption of the air conditioner.

What is a power booster?

  • The power amplifier can be understood simply, this is a device used in the sound system. The power amplifier has the function of amplifying the audio signal to push the speaker to the listener’s ear.

What is the set capacity?

Set capacity is understood as the total rated power of power consuming devices in the network. This is not the actual power that needs to be provided.

In short, with the strong development of the Internet today. It will be easier for you to look up the capacity of the devices in your home. But I still list some here for us to follow:

Refrigerator: with a capacity of about 120-150 liters, the capacity is about 80W.

Flat screen TV: about 32 inches, the capacity is about 40W.

Rice cooker: with a capacity of 1.2 liters, it has a capacity of about 350-400W.

Air conditioner (air conditioner): 9000BTU usually has a capacity of about 800-850W. This is also known to be the most energy-intensive and energy-consuming home appliance at home if it is open 24 hours a day.

Fan: has a capacity of about 40-120W.

Iron (iron): The iron that we often use is called a dry iron with a capacity of about 950W. The steam iron has a capacity of about 1400W.

Microwave: 20 liter capacity has a capacity of about 800W.

Oven: capacity of 20 liters has a capacity of about 1600W.

Each home appliance has a different capacity, right?

Formula to calculate power

There are many formulas to calculate capacity such as calculating capacity for 2-phase, 3-phase and AC machines:

The formula for calculating electrical power: P=UI.

Formula for calculating power when knowing work and operating time: P=At.

Ways to save electricity for home appliances

  • As we all know each device has different capacity. But the general rule of saving electricity is to limit their use for a long time continuously.
  • Example: If you use an air conditioner, you should turn it off if you don’t use it for about 1 hour to 1.5 hours. Because this is the home appliance that can be said to consume the most power. But remember to close the door when using the air conditioner so that it does not use its full capacity to cool.
  • Closing the door makes the air conditioner more stable in cooling and softening the air. You should leave it at about 25-27 degrees, it will save a lot of money already.
  • As for the refrigerator, you only need to limit opening and closing the door many times.
  • Washing machine, you should put in the correct kilogram that the manufacturer has written on the outside of the machine, it will make the washing machine work as well as possible.
  • Depending on each device, we will have the most economical and reasonable ways to use it.

Physics and life

  • Through the examples and information that we and our friends learn together, we see that physics has many interesting things in this life. That’s when you understand why there is refraction when a spoon is placed in a glass of water. That’s when you know why the ocean is blue. Or you know why they designed the lever: to help carry heavy objects away, or carry, we feel lighter and more comfortable. Physics is so much fun and useful.
  • Physics is still being widely applied in our lives. So if you are still sitting in school, don’t waste your time playing.. But study well in natural and science subjects that will help you a lot later. Studying well in natural subjects also helps your thinking logically and thinks more interesting things.
  • It can be said that Physics has many applications in life, really necessary for everyone. The basic knowledge of Physics will help our daily life just become convenient. While minimizing unnecessary risks.


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