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  • Welcome to Rusq.org, which specializes in generalizing all questions and answers, what is the definition, discussing and answering what the abbreviation stands for among young people, today let’s learn a new concept that is Composite? Composite meanings. What is Composite? Relevant information you should not ignore. Composite materials – the new material revolution. What are composite materials? Its composition and application?
What are composite materials? Its composition and application? - Website Rusq Website
What are composite materials? Its composition and application? – Rusq website

What is the definition of Composite?

  • Compsite, also known as Composite Material, Composite material, or composite material is a material that is synthesized from two or more different materials, for the purpose of creating a new, superior and more durable material than other materials. original material. Composite materials include base and reinforcement materials. The base material ensures the bonding of the reinforcements together, giving the multi-component material a monolithic, continuous, ensuring the composite’s thermal stability, chemical stability and tolerance when the material has defects. disability. The composite substrate can be polymers, metals and alloys, ceramic or carbon. The reinforcement material ensures the composite has high elastic modulus and high mechanical strength. The core of the composite can be short particles, powder, or reinforced fibers such as glass fiber, polymer fiber, ceramic fiber, metal fiber and carbon-carbon fiber, etc.

Advantages of composite materials

The biggest advantage of composites is that it is possible to change the geometry, distribution and component materials to create a new material with the desired strength. Many demanding requirements of modern technology (such as light weight, heat resistance up to 3000oC,…) can only be met by composite materials, therefore, composite materials play a key role in the material revolution. new material.

The advantages of composite materials are summarized below:

  • Simple processing and manufacturing, easy to shape, color, change and repair, investment in production equipment and low maintenance costs.
  • Long service life (the use time is about 2-3 times longer than metal and wood).
  • Small density, high mechanical strength, good rigidity and tensile strength.
  • Weather resistance, aging resistance, high UV resistance, good electrical and thermal insulation.
  • High chemical and corrosion resistance, low maintenance cost, no need for anti-corrosion coating.

Disadvantages of composite materials

Besides the advantages of composite materials, we still need to know the disadvantages of this material for proper application:

  • Complex in mechanical, physical and chemical analysis of specimens.
  • Material quality is highly dependent on the skill of workers
  • Difficult to recycle, reuse when damaged or as a waste product in the production process.
  • The cost of raw materials is relatively high, and the processing method is time-consuming.

Application of composite materials

Composite materials are applied in many fields to create products for life, manufacturing overcome the disadvantages that other materials have, contributing to improving performance, efficiency, and quality of work. and human life, for example:

  • Pipes for clean water, raw water, composite source water (also known as fiberglass reinforced plastic pipes);
  • Tires for cars, motorcycles and bicycles;
  • Composite hulls of boats,…
  • Public wastebasket.
  • Children’s toy model.
  • Rocket engine housing.
  • Missile shells, airplanes, spaceships.
  • High pressure tank.
  • Pipes for wastewater treatment, composite chemicals;
  • Irrigation pipes, pipes leading source water through saline, alum contaminated waters;
  • Covers for tanks, cargo containers, tables and chairs, interior decoration, composite panel;
  • Garbage drainage system for high-rise buildings;
  • System of insulating porcelain, polymer porcelain, cilicon porcelain, epoxy porcelain of all kinds of chain porcelain, supporting porcelain, junction porcelain, porcelain in electrical equipment, lightning protection, fuses;
  • High-grade 3-layer composite petroleum pipeline (Using Russian wet rolling technology and production standards for gasoline and oil pipes).


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