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  • Welcome to Rusq.org, which specializes in summarizing all questions and answers, what is the definition, discussing and answering what the abbreviation stands for among young people, today let’s learn a new concept, what is Deep Web? Deep Web meanings. What is the deep web? Decipher the mystery of the dangers of the Deep Web
What is the deep web? Decipher the mystery of the dangers of the Deep Web - Website Rusq
What is the deep web? Decipher the mystery of the dangers of the Deep Web – Website Rusq

What is the definition of Deep Web?

  • Deep Web is a system of web pages that are not indexed by popular search engines like Yahoo, Bing or Google. The information in the Deep Web cannot be discovered by conventional search engines. The primary source of information in the Deep Web is often private, illegal data.
  • In terms of scale, the Deep Web is very large and contains a lot of extremely diverse information. According to estimates, the Deep Web can own up to 7.5 Petabytes of content. This is a huge number compared to the search capabilities of conventional search engines.

Levels of the Internet and Location of the Deep Web

Level 0 – Common Web:

  • This is the information that you have access to every day on the Internet such as social networks or websites.

Level 1 – Surface Web:

  • At this level, you can still access the data source through the usual means of search. However, the content in these websites is often somewhat more mysterious and dangerous.

Chapter 2 – Bergie Web:

  • This is the final level that you can access using basic search engines. The information you find on Bergie Web is mainly located in underground websites, but is still divided by index.

Level 3 – Deep Web:

  • This is the part of the website that contains the information that requires you to access with the Proxy. The main content of the Deep Web is usually Child Porn, Gore, violent and dangerous images and videos. Deep Web is divided into 2 parts, in the second part you can only access through the Tor application.

Level 4 – Charter Web:

  • Similar to Deep Web, Charter Web is also divided into 2 parts. The first part, accessible through Tor support, includes information on the organ trade, banned titles, or black market exchanges. The second part requires you to use the Closed Shell System hardware modification application. The main content of this layer includes prohibited legal content, heretical material, transnational criminal organizations and many other extremely dangerous information.

Level 5 – Marianas Web:

  • This level contains classified information and documents related to the US government and other major countries.

Level 6

  • Level 6 is a barrier between level 5 and level 7, which has the effect of preventing individuals who want to penetrate deeper levels.

Level 7 – The Fog/Virus Soup:

  • This is the “black market” where war-related transactions take place. The task of this level is to protect level 8 from nosy people who want to go deeper.

Cấp 8 – The Primarch System:

  • This is the Internet control system. In Primarch System, there is no government or organization that has the power to decide how to operate the network. The system automatically sends out commands to the entire network in random order. However, they do not respond to any incoming information.

How dangerous is the Deep Web?

Deep Web is considered the most dangerous underground information system on the Internet. Accessing the Deep Web without using IP hiding and Proxy applications like Onion Router is extremely risky. In the Deep Web, you can exploit information that is prohibited by law such as child pore, violent content, organ sales contracts, etc.

The main groups of information in the Deep Web include:

  • Trafficking in drugs, weapons and prohibited goods.
  • Professional hacker network.
  • Movies that are depraved or have violent content.
  • Reactionary groups and sects
  • Sources of information on the dark side of politics.

Most of the data in the Deep Web is related to the government or mafia organizations, reactionary sects. Therefore, if you do not use Proxy hiding software, you may be able to track your personal information. This can make you a “target” of individuals in the Deep Web if you have access to a prohibited source of information.

So, should you access the Deep Web or not?

  • The capacity of the Deep Web is extremely large. It contains secret sources of information that normal search engines cannot detect. As a result, the Deep Web often becomes a source of data for members of heretical sects, criminal organizations or citizens of authoritarian countries.
  • In general, the Deep Web is not necessarily bad, but to properly use the information sources in this system, you need to understand how to access it. At the same time, you should also know how to filter information to avoid being affected by violent and dangerous data.
  • The most important thing when accessing the Deep Web is to use a Proxy and IP hiding tool like The Onion Router. This application will protect you against the risk of personal information being exploited such as name, location.
  • Deep Web is a place containing confidential and dangerous information. Therefore, if it is really not necessary you should not access these resources. Remember that the Internet can always turn into a double-edged sword that affects your life.


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