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  • Today, I would like to invite you to read with the Rusq Website to learn about the meaning of Diploma . Diploma meanings. Why in the field of education today often use the term Diploma in the field of education?
DIPLOMA | Definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary
DIPLOMA | Definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary

What is the definition of Diploma?

  • This is a commonly used certificate in education that you will receive upon completion of your course at any educational institution or even in private institutions.
  • The training content of the Diploma program, in addition to theoretical knowledge, practical skills are also very important. Therefore, you will be trained to focus more on practice, applying from real life and common cases to help you handle common problems well. These practical and applied skills will help you a lot in life as well as in the job search process. After you complete the Diploma program, you will receive a degree equivalent to a College degree in Vietnam and you can bring this degree to apply for a job at any business establishment that is suitable for your industry. you learned.

Purpose of the course

  • Diplomas are usually only open for one year and two semesters; Tuition fees are usually cheaper than other degrees. The study period of the diploma is still not flexible, but many training institutions still create the best conditions for their students.
  • As you study with your diploma, you’ll learn about specialized subjects in your diploma program that will help you deepen your understanding of practical knowledge and apply it to your career. For example, when you want to become an accountant and you register for a Diploma course, your study program will include subjects such as Foreign Languages, Mathematics, Culture, Business, Commerce, Economics… After After completing a diploma course, you can use this certificate to apply for a job in the host country such as Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand …. In particular, this is an opportunity for international students to apply for settlement in developed countries.
What is Diploma? What types of Diploma are popular?
What is Diploma? What types of Diploma are popular?

* Popular training majors with Diploma certificates:

  • Diploma certificates are currently being trained with many specialties such as: Engineering, Restaurant Management, Cooking, Pharmacy, Carpenter, Engineering.. and more especially, you will be facilitated while studying, have just worked at companies, restaurants, hotels so that you can be exposed to the real environment.
  • With the current labor market, it is no longer important whether you have an advanced degree or not. Instead, you must have additional specialized skills or experience in the field in which you want to develop.
  • But if you do not have a good degree but only have good skills and skills, you will still be sought after by employers because in recent years, companies and businesses often pay much attention to job performance. rather than empty diplomas.
  • What you contribute with your own capacity will help the company and their business. And when you have degrees from famous universities or good and good degrees but you can’t do the job, you will still be fired.
  • Therefore, the Diploma training programs have a short training time, but the quality of training is good and the content is close to reality, which will make many students change the way they think about their learning path.

Distinguish types of Diploma

What does high school diploma mean?

  • High school diploma means “High school diploma”. This is a degree for those who have just completed high school.

What does advanced diploma mean?

  • The Advanced Diploma is considered an Advanced Diploma. In some countries, advanced diplomas are equivalent in length; but Advanced Diploma usually has 1 additional co-op period and 1 final essay so it will be more valuable than Diploma.

What does postgraduate diploma mean?

  • Postgraduate diploma means a postgraduate diploma. For students who have completed the University program and already have a Bachelor’s degree (Degree) but want to further improve their expertise.

What does higher diploma mean?

  • Higher diploma means a higher degree

What does diploma supplement mean?

  • Diploma supplement means diploma supplement

Diploma training time

  • To get a Diploma, students are required to take a course with a training period of 1-3 years (depending on the industry).

What is the training field of the Diploma?

Usually Diploma training programs will be more vocational training than academic. Therefore, the training content will be more practice-oriented, so that learners have more opportunities to interact with reality. Specifically, the following fields will be trained in the form of Diploma:

  1. + Cooking
  2. + Hotel and restaurant management
  3. + Mechanical – electronic –
  4. + Garment
  5. + Processing and designing carpentry products
  6. + Industrial electricity

Reasons why you should choose Diploma:

  • + Save time and costs: international students can be admitted to a diploma course right after completing high school in Vietnam, study for 1 year to get a degree or choose to study at a higher level with a shorter time. Therefore, it will save significant costs for studying and living abroad.
  • + Loose entry requirements: most undergraduate courses in Australia have ILETS 6.0-6.5 or equivalent, GPA above 7.0. However, with diploma courses, some schools do not even require an English certificate.
  • + Learning goes hand in hand: the goal of the Diploma program is to provide practical knowledge that can be applied directly and in work, so it will help students have enough knowledge and skills to integrate into the environment. work immediately after graduation.
  • + Advantages in immigration: The biggest advantage of a diploma is immigration. Statistics show that 70% of Australian diploma students successfully find a job and stay in Australia after graduation. It only takes 1 year of study instead of 3 years for a bachelor’s course, students will receive a degree that is almost equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in extending visa, applying for a work permit to stay and work.
  • + Academic advantage: another advantage is that it shortens the time to study at the bachelor’s level, because the diploma program is counted as 1 year, so international students only need to complete 2 years for the university system and get the degree. .

Diploma vs Degree comparison table

MeaningA degree is a degree awarded by a college or university to a student’s completion upon completion of a courseDiploma is a certificate issued by an educational institution to students who take a particular course from an institution and pass its exam.
Salary at the time of workHighRelatively low
flexibleHaveAre not
Studying time3-4 years1-2 years
Minimum qualificationshigh schooljunior high school
Requires in-depth expertiseHighRelatively less, practice more
Managed byUniversityUniversity / educational institution
Time enrollmentThere is an opening ceremony every yearOne year and two semesters

Popular Diploma Study Pathways

  • Diploma programs are being preferred by Vietnamese students today because of the short training time, reasonable tuition costs compared to the regular university program, which takes 4 years, but the cost is too high.
  • However, with the fierce job competition in recent years, many international schools have gradually turned to additional training in the Advanced Diploma program to meet the output for their students.
  • In addition, with a number of new regulations issued by the Ministry of Education and Training, students who hold an Advanced Diploma certificate can transfer to an international bachelor’s degree. Therefore, when you have completed the Diploma, you should apply for the Advanced Diploma to have more opportunities to advance in your career. Therefore, before choosing to send, you should go to reputable training institutions to cultivate.


  • Through this article, Rusq.org hopes that readers will understand what Diploma is ? Diploma meanings. And also hope that the above information will help readers understand the meaning of the phrase Diploma in the field of education and training commonly used today.

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