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What is Ethernet? Common Ethernet Cables - Website Rusq
What is Ethernet? Common Ethernet cables – Website Rusq

What is the definition of Ethernet?

  • According to Wikipedia, Ethernet is a family of computer networking technologies commonly used in LANs, MANs, and WANs. In a simpler way, Ethernet is a traditional technology used to connect and access local LANs. Its task to transmit to other network devices on the same network
  • Ethernet allows devices to communicate with each other through a protocol. In the system using Ethernet communication will divide the data stream into packets, data frames. These frames will contain source and destination address information as well as the mechanisms used to detect errors in the transmitted data to request retransmission. So Ethernet will tell the bearers how to format and transmit data packets to be able to receive and process those data packets.
  • Today, when it comes to LAN, people immediately think of Ethernet, because they are very popular and widely used around the world. Ethernet is also a shared communication medium, all stations on the network are divided by the total bandwidth of the carrier. Currently, Ethernet is very diverse in terms of users because of its high reliability and security
  • Besides, Ethernet technology is often less interrupted than carrying LAN, so Ethernet also provides a better level of security and control over the network in cases of interference, bandwidth problems or physical obstacles…

How does Ethernet work?

  • Each Ethernet machine, also known as a workstation, will operate independently of all other stations on the network and do not have a central control station. Through a signal transmission line called an intermediate line, the stations are all connected to Ethernet. Ethernet signals are sent in series, bit by bit, through the middle to all the different stations.
  • That is, the operation of the Ethernet protocol works on both Layer 1 – the physical layer and Layer 2 – the data link layer. They operate on the OIS network protocol model, in order to work, Ethernet must define two transmission units including Packet and Framework (Packet, frame).
  • In addition to the content of the transmission data contained in the Framework, there are: Media access control MAC addresses, VLAN tagging, and error correction information to detect transmission problems.
  • To establish a connection and mark where the framework starts, each frame will be in a packet containing a few bytes of information.
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Ethernet cables

Ethernet cable will help users get a stable, high-speed network connection. You should know that an Ethernet cable is almost like a phone cable but larger and has more wires, an Ethernet cable that plugs into Ethernet ports, an Ethernet port on a computer that can be accessed via an Ethernet card on the motherboard. .

Supports one or more industry standards such as Ethernet network cables commonly available as CAT 5 network cables and CAT 6 network cables. Ethernet cables come in two forms, solid and stranded. Typically this solid-core cable is used for business networks, and braided-core Ethernet cables are less prone to cracking, making them suitable for home network setups.

Common types of Ethernet cables include the following types:

Cable Cat. 5

  • This is the most basic and common type of cable, which can be unarmored and armored. In which the copper conductors of the cable are usually solid or stranded. This type of wire is often used when data is transmitted over long distances.

Cable Cat. 5e

  • Just like the Cat cable. 5 but meet higher standards in data transmission and this type of cable is gradually replacing the Cat. 5

Cable Cat. 6

  • This cable provides better performance than the above two because of its cross filler wire construction along its length so that the 4 pairs of wires are completely isolated; this reduces crosstalk so signal transmission is always better.
  • Cable Cat. 6A: Is a cable with more armor or plastic sheath made thicker to limit interference from the outside, so it’s better than other cables.


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