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What is FCL? The reason for the formation of the term FCL? - Website Rusq Website
What is FCL? The reason for the formation of the term FCL? – Rusq website

What is the definition of FCL?

  • FCL stands for Full container load which means full container shipping. The shipper is responsible for packing the goods and the consignee is responsible for unloading the goods from the container. The items are usually homogeneous (same) enough to pack 1 container, this is the most economical option.
  • LCL – Less than container load is a retail shipping operation when the shipper has a small package to save costs, then packing 1 container will be the most economical for the shipper. A business person who collects goods from many shippers is called a consolidator. Unlike FCL, LCL has to be responsible for packing the goods into the container as well as unloading the goods from the container.

Business analysis of FCL

As defined above, in this section I will analyze the responsibilities of the shipper, the carrier and the consignee.

FCL Shipper Responsibilities

  • – Go to the port to get the container and transport it to the warehouse for packing, usually the owner hires trucking services.
  • – Pack the goods into the container to ensure that the fully packed goods do not move during transportation. Container packing can be carried out at the warehouse or at the yard (port).
  • – Calculate the goods accordingly and mark the symbol so that the buyer can easily identify the type of goods.
  • – Customs payment and other necessary customs formalities.
  • – Seal for containers
  • – Send bill of lading details to shipping line or FWD
  • – Bear the costs such as loading and unloading fees, THC fees, Dem/Det fees if any.

Responsibilities of the FCL . carrier

  • – Issuing bill of lading and manifesting to the consignor. Before sending the bill, the draft bill must be sent to the shipper to check the information on the bill.
  • – Load the container onto the ship and arrange the container safely before the ship sails.
  • – Unload the container from the ship to the destination port container yard.
  • – When the goods arrive, do D/O and deliver the container to the recipient with a valid bill of lading at the container yard.

Responsibilities of FCL Consignee:

  • – Ensure all necessary documents in the set of documents. And do customs clearance to receive the shipment.
  • – Transport the container to the warehouse and withdraw the goods, then return the container to the right place for the shipping company.
  • – Complete local charges, D/O, container betting fees.

LCL retail business analysis

LCL – is the retail shipping business where the consolidator is the consolidator. After consolidating the goods, the consolidator will be packed into the same container and transported to the CFS warehouse. Usually the consolidator collects goods mainly through FWDs.

Responsibilities of LCL . Shipper

  • – Packing and transporting to the consolidator’s CFS (Container Freight Station) warehouse and at the same time doing customs procedures for his shipment to be cleared, in addition, it is necessary to pay attention to other procedures such as fumigation, shipping mark .
  • – Provide bill details to the consignor to make a bill of lading.
  • – Confirm the draft bill and receive the application form.

Liability of the LCL L carrier

  • In retail transportation, there is a difference that the carrier includes: the real carrier and the consolidator. The real carriers are shipping lines because the consolidator collects the goods, but they still lease the shipping lines’ containers and contract with the shipping lines. Because of the nature of the consolidator there is no ship. Readers who have read this far will see that the power of shipping lines is very large, in the 2000s, almost all shipping lines held the market, and shipper customers depended on shipping lines. However, nowadays, when competing, shipping lines do not have as many monopoly positions as in the past.

Thus the liability of the real carrier is similar to that of the FCL.

Buyer Responsibilities:

  • – This is the person who is directly responsible for the customer throughout the transportation process.
  • – Issue house bill to customers
  • – Notify incoming goods and declare manifest.

Responsibilities of the consignee

  • Similar to making FCL goods. The consignee must present all necessary documents to receive the goods: bill, customs clearance. But the difference is that the consignee does not need to pay the container fee, because the consignee does not borrow the container in nature. But otherwise, you have to pay handling charges.
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Combined shipping types FCL/LCL and LCL/FCL

In transportation, people also combine shipping containers and retail, there are 2 main types:

  • – FCL/LCL: send whole, deliver retail.
  • – LCL/FCL: send odd, deliver whole.

During the integration process, there is a change in certain responsibilities.
For example: FCL/LCL. Shipper and shipper have the same responsibilities as sending FCL. That is, the shipper must ship the whole container, and the carrier will ship the whole container. However, to the port of destination, the carrier has the same responsibility as in the case of LCL delivery and the consignee is the same as in the case of LCL.


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