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Things you may not know about Foam material - Website Rusq
Things you may not know about Foam material – Website Rusq

What is the definition of Foam?

  • What is foam material has become information that users are interested in finding out in recent times. According to experts, Foam is a lightweight material created from many different types of air bubbles in a liquid or solid state.
  • Solid foam foam has been produced and put into use since the early years of the 20th century. This type of foam is the main raw material in manufacturing industries. Thanks to advantages such as light weight and low density, this type of foam has been widely used in the production of other insulation materials.
  • Along with that, there is also a fireproof foam used to extinguish the clouds of substances caused by oil. Accordingly, the characteristics of those foams are toughness with high elasticity, so they have been researched and applied a lot at NASA, the world’s leading space agency to reduce weight loss. all the pressures in space as well as best protect the health of the astronauts.

Foam material properties

Super light

  • Foam is made from very light foam, so the product that makes this material is compact in size, easy to clean and maintain.

The ability to reduce pressure is extremely good

  • Foam has good elasticity and is thicker than other materials, giving people a comfortable feeling, quickly falling into a good night’s sleep. The special thing of Foam material helps people to reduce pain, back fatigue and better regulate blood circulation.


  • There is no denying that Foam material has great durability. Foam material possesses many advantages and outstanding characteristics, so that the product always remains as new as the original. In fact, products made from Foam have a durability that lasts over 6 years.

Classification of types of Foam today

PVC Foam

  • PVC Foam is formed by Foam and PVC resin combined with many other additives plus wood pulp divided in a certain proportion, which is compressed under professional production conditions to create products with beautiful shapes. PVC Foam is the interference of many different materials, so they inherit many outstanding advantages from the above materials.
  • PVC Foam material has the characteristics of good insulation, effective waterproofing and light weight and does not oxidize under extreme heat conditions, so PVC Foam is increasingly used in the industry. furniture production and construction.

Memory Foam

  • What is Memory Foam? Memory Foam material is known as a foam variant of Foam used to protect the health of astronauts in the zero-gravity environment in space. In addition, Memory Foam is used for the production of bedding and medical equipment because of its benefits to human health.
  • Memory Foam has high elasticity, good ductility because it is formed from Polyurethane which is mainly combined with many other additives. Therefore, this material can replace the increasingly scarce natural rubber material today.
  • This is the same material that the bedding industry cannot ignore. Memory Foam is hypoallergenic, prevents harmful mold growth and has a pleasant smell, is environmentally friendly and is absolutely safe for users’ health.
  • The mattress products using Memory Foam have the ability to support the body well while helping to stabilize the spine, stimulate blood circulation, and bring great sleep to the person lying down.

PU Foam

  • What is PU Foam? Pu Foam is also known as foam and is composed of two Polyol liquids with a mixture of polymethylene and isocyanate substances. Pu Foam has the effect of reducing pressure, good body support ability to help blood circulation. Moreover, the products made from Pu Foam material help limit vibration and movement to bring customers a full sleep.
  • Pu Foam is increasingly being applied in different fields, but mainly in the fashion industry: bags, clothes and leather shoes.

PE Foam

  • PE Foam is a combination of Foam and Polyethylene to create a thin foam that possesses many outstanding advantages such as excellent softness and flexibility. This material can be changed in thickness or thinness depending on the needs of the customer. Therefore, the shape of PE Foam is always changed according to the specific purpose of each manufacturer to create quality products and according to the needs of the market.
  • Pu Foam with the ability to easily recycle, light weight, high strength, flexibility, reasonable price to make Pe Foam score for manufacturers. This material is applied in industries such as foam protection for cushions, gaskets, packaging, ….

Foam applications in today’s life

Currently, with the strong development of science and technology, many new materials are researched and found to serve human needs and replace increasingly scarce natural materials. Foam material is one of the most popular and widely used materials today in a number of industries such as the fashion industry, the production of bedding, and also in the construction industry. Let’s find out how Foam is applied.

Foam material in the production of bedding

  • Foam material has quickly been put into the application of mattress production because of its advantages such as light weight, elasticity and durability, which helps in good ventilation and prevents dirt, mold, and harmful bacteria. develope. Foam pillows and blankets help the body to perfectly support and always maintain a state of balance for the user to bring a more comfortable and comfortable feeling in sleep.
  • Memory Foam mattress possesses high durability, good elasticity and the ability to circulate air to help bring a comfortable and cool feeling to the person lying on it. The layer of the product is made from a special fabric to help people feel real.
  • Foam mattress has good quality not inferior to natural rubber mattress, spring mattress of other famous brands on the market. Foam has high elasticity, helps to naturally support the body, bringing a comfortable and relaxing feeling to the lying person.
  • Foam mattress with the ability to evenly distribute body weight on the mattress surface helps protect body areas prone to pain or numbness such as shoulders and hips. This is a feature that consumers love more than other product lines because it gives them a comfortable feeling, no pain when waking up.
  • Pu Foam material helps to keep the mattress cool, limiting the growth of bacteria, helping to regulate the body at the most appropriate temperature. The mattress is made of high-strength Foam material, the product has the ability to recover up to 98% after 80,000 times of continuous compression.

Foam used in the construction industry

  • Foam is used a lot in the construction industry because they possess light weight, high durability. Polyurethane Foam is a synthetic plastic in the form of hard foam, composed of liquid Polyol and a mixture of polymethylene and Isocyanate substances. The ingredients in the Foam have high elasticity, the ability to self-expand and dry quickly in normal environmental conditions.
  • In the construction industry today, a lot of Polyurethane foam is used because they have the advantage of good adhesion on many different surfaces. Foam has the feature of self-expanding, filling the gaps and gaps of the wall. Foam material is a non-flammable, non-flammable material, so it is very safe during use.
  • Foam can be used in different environmental conditions from – 50ºC to 150ºC. This material has good strength, elasticity, toughness and light weight, so it is widely used in construction. It is an odorless, non-toxic and environmentally friendly material

Foam material in clothing production

  • In the current clothing manufacturing market, Foam is used quite commonly as sportswear and accessories. Polyurethane is used as olamf lining combined with nylon to optimize weight to help products have good elasticity.
  • Clothing made from Foam is considered durable and reasonably priced for consumers. Polyurethane is widely used in the fashion industry because of its good dust resistance, easy cleaning, and does not fade even in direct sunlight.


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