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  • Welcome to Rusq.org, which specializes in aggregating all questions and answers what is the definition, discussing and answering what the abbreviation stands for among young people, today let’s learn a new concept, what is Info? Meanings of Info. What is Info – The true meaning of the word Info on Facebook. What is Info? Its meaning is often used on FB, MXH. What is Info? Please Info on Facebook for what?
What is Info? Meanings of Info - Website Rusq
What is Info? Meanings of Info – Website Rusq

What is the definition of Info?

  • In any conversation, whether directly or indirectly via text/call, Kim Thoa is sure that you have encountered many ironic cases when the person you are talking to does not. suddenly uttered an English word. Some people are bewildered and do not understand what the other person is using that English word for, others are nodding as if they have understood and agreed to the story, others laughed because they understood. understand the meaning of that word in a subtle and mysterious way…
  • In today’s modern society, many young people have the habit of frequently using English words to taste and integrate into their sentences to add more interest to the story they are telling. Integrating English words into a sentence seems to make the speaker feel more interested. One of the English words that are used a lot and that many people are interested in learning today that Kim Thoa wants to mention is the word “Info” with many different meanings. In the following, we will go into finding out the meaning of the word info according to the Vietnamese dictionary and related meanings when used on social networks.

What is info in Vietnamese dictionary?

  • Many of you wonder what the Info translated into Vietnamese means? I would like to present in detail the meaning of the word Info in the English – Vietnamese dictionary so that you can understand the common meaning of this word.
  • “Info” has the international transliteration of /’infou/ acts as a noun with the meaning translated as “Accurate information”. Info is an acronym for the English word Informal or Information.
  • “Info” means colloquially “Information”
  • “Info” means a major (Specialized in Mathematics – Information) which is a tabular database management system.
  • The word info in the English-Vietnamese dictionary is looked up by many people, with quite a variety of meanings, this word when combined with other words or used in different cases will show specific meanings in the dictionary. each of those cases. It is important that you understand the common meaning of this word so that when combined with other words or in different cases, you can quickly understand the meaning of the word in each context.
  • Here are a few examples of info to make it easier for you to understand the meaning of the word Info:
  • Male friend A sits and talks with male friend B about a female friend C is very close to A. Friend A says that female friend C is very pretty and cute, which makes male friend B feel very curious and wants to ask for information from boy B. female friend C.
  • At that time, male friend B will mention to ask for information about female friend C.
  • At this time, male friend A will understand that male friend B asks for information to be able to know more about female friend C and can find that female friend C in a certain time.
  • C’s info can be the following: C’s Facebook Nick, C’s phone number, C’s name, C’s age, C’s residential address and school…
  • Through the above example, in addition to needing to find out what the common word Info is, Kim Thoa would also like to explain more about asking for info. When you are appearing on a certain social networking site (facebook, zalo, instagram…). You see a certain character floating on social networks, you feel very curious about this character, you contact the person with full information of that character to ask for this person’s information through a message. Asking for info is asking for information about a character through someone who knows that character well.
  • So, basically, Kim Thoa has presented the basic meanings of the word “Info” according to the English-Vietnamese dictionary. Hope you will use this word for the right purpose and effectively in the communication process and can apply it in solving problems easily. And next, I will also help you better understand the meaning of the word Info, which is used in the facebook social network that young people often use to create valuable stories.

What is Info in Facebook?

  • Facebook is one of the most widely used Social Networks for entertainment and information exchange, communication and the number of people using facebook will continue to increase significantly. You are one of the crazy fans using facebook, surely you have heard and read a lot of interesting terms used a lot on facebook, including the word info. So, when you come across anyone using the word info on facebook, what does this word mean? Many of you also have the same question about the meaning of the word info used on facebook. Read carefully and understand the information that I will share below so as not to miss any meaning of the word info.
  • In the process of using Facebook, surely you often come across beautiful and attractive photos. You often surf facebook to follow the daily news, interesting information that your friends or fan pages share, the photos may be of a certain hotgirl or simply a female friend. very beautiful is shared by any fanpage on facebook network community. At that time, when you go deep into the comments, you will see a lot of comments asking for information about this character.
  • I have explained very clearly the meaning of the word Info above, you understand that Info is an acronym for the English word “Informal” or “Information”. From there you can also understand what the word info is when used in facebook, then Info used in facebook means asking for someone’s exact information.

The meanings surrounding the word Info are commonly used

The social network facebook has a lot of terms associated with the word info, I will explain the meanings of common words that the online community often use so that whenever you come across a word, you can quickly understand. get rid of the meaning of that word. Below are common words associated with information that young people often use today.

  • Get info: This word is used when you want to get information of anyone or anything. This information is obtained by using a tool or another tool to get the information automatically.
  • Send info: You send info to the person asking for info via facebook, zalo, sms…
  • Ask for DRM Profile: When someone uses this word, you understand that they are asking for information about someone’s personal profile.
  • ACC: This word is an English word, an acronym for the word “Account”, which means someone’s personal account. When using this word in info, it also means asking for information about someone’s personal account.
  • Download sms info file: This word is used when you download Billing info files to your computer.
  • Info dot tail: The form of the info dot tail as follows “.info” is the domain name of the website with the content written about information.
  • Edit info software: It is the software used to correct anyone’s personal information.
  • Add friend: Means friend request, get acquainted with the requested person. When using add friend with info, it means asking for someone’s information to make friends.
  • AVT: Profile photo information.
  • In4: This is a word that many young people abbreviate. is info.

Based on the meanings of each word associated with info or around the synonyms of info that I have provided above, then you will definitely understand the meaning of this word and know how to use them in each word. suitable case. This is also one of the opportunities for young people who have the habit of intermingling English words in their conversations to be able to use words in a diverse and appropriate way.

Note when using the word Info

  • It is a pity if you understand the meaning of the word info in the process of using it in everyday spoken and written language but do not know how to use them appropriately in each situation and case. This is also the reason that Kim Thoa wants to share with you as well as give important notes when you use the word info to create a charming and polite conversation.
  • Language culture used by people is very diverse and interesting, you need to know how to use them appropriately and effectively so as not to cause unfortunate cases and misunderstandings for readers and listeners. .
  • In the process of using the word info, you need to grasp the specific meanings of this word when it comes with other words or in a different role (For example, info is used in domain names – .info). In addition, you should consider using the word info appropriately, not all cases will use this word, there are cases where it is not necessary to use it, you should not include it.


Thank you for reading Rusq.org’s article, hopefully the information answers What is Info ? The meanings of Info will help readers add useful knowledge. If readers have any contributions or questions related to the definition of Info, what is Info? Please leave comments below this article. Rusq.org is always ready to exchange and receive new information and knowledge from readers

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