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  • Welcome to Rusq.org, which aggregates all definitions of what is, and discusses and answers what the abbreviation stands for among young people, today let’s learn a new concept, what is Internship? Internship meanings. What is Internship? The role of Internship in every business. What is Internship? What jobs does Internship do?
What is Intern, What is Internship? Ways to score points with the company - Website Rusq
What is Intern, What is Internship? Ways to score points with the company – Website Rusq

What is the definition of Internship?

  • Internship is an intern position, also known as an intern, used to refer to students who have not yet graduated or have just graduated, who are working at companies and businesses for the purpose of contacting the working environment. practical work, practice skills and learn experiences for yourself.
  • Final year students often have the course “Graduation internship” before graduation, so they will find opportunities to work as interns for companies with positions corresponding to their professional knowledge learned in universities. learn.

What will you get as an Internship? Are there opportunities for career development?

  • Depending on the majors that you study at universities, there are corresponding positions, such as internships in Business, Marketing, Accounting, Human Resources, Logistics, etc. training the knowledge to match the job positions as a real official working for the company.
  • Currently, employers often prioritize choosing full-time employees from the Internship team in the company to minimize training and recruitment costs and stabilize human resources. And moreover, through the assessment of the internship, the employer can recognize the candidate’s ability more clearly. Therefore, the Internship position is considered as a golden opportunity to help young people quickly find the job they want in accordance with their major. This is also an opportunity for students to have a practical environment, equip themselves with necessary career skills later.
  • Depending on the policies and regulations of each company, the Internship position can be paid or unpaid. If the salary is paid, the salary for the current intern position usually ranges from 1 to 4 million VND/month, depending on the agreement between the candidate and the company.

What is the role of Internship in each company?

Internship or Intern plays many important roles in each company such as:

  • Reduce the workload for full-time employees.
  • Internship is a high quality human resource. Because the cost for an Internship will be much lower than a newly recruited employee. At the same time, often the Internship is like a blank sheet, eager to learn, easy to train. And are considered to be the people who create the youthfulness and difference for the company. Trainees often carry with them the enthusiasm to try to express themselves and demonstrate their ability to learn, try their best and these are the things that companies are looking for today compared to experienced employees.
  • Help make a difference and freshen the atmosphere to help people work more inspired.

Notes when students go to practice

Currently, most students when preparing to practice are very confused about choosing an internship and what they need to know to be able to communicate and behave in an office environment. Here are some tips for you:

– Have an orientation before finding an internship: Before finding an internship for yourself, you should have a specific and clear orientation, which profession you want to stick with in the future and choose the right place. . This is very important because it will affect your job after graduation. For example, if you are studying Marketing and you want to become a Marketing staff in the future, you should choose an internship in the field of Marketing. The touch with reality will help you gain a lot of experience for the job that you decide to stick with.

– Accept the fact:

  • You should learn to accept reality, because this is no longer as simple as your university lecture hall, nor is it a flowery red carpet life as you thought. The office relationships between employees – bosses, between colleagues are no longer as simple as the relationships in the lecture hall.
  • Anything can happen and you will have to face it. You may encounter some obstacles in your internship that will make you feel discouraged and lost. Because you are simply a trainee after all, will not be able to decide the important things around you.
  • What you need to make things better is to complete the assigned tasks well. And if possible ask for more, take on whatever task you can and show that you can do it quickly and accurately. Or even if it’s a job like photocopying, organizing papers, and all the junk on everyone’s desk, do your best, your enthusiasm and effort will pay off. recognized, appreciated and remembered by everyone.

– Observe and actively learn:

  • This is when you realize that everything you learn in college will be a lot different from the real thing. Your colleagues want to help you because they know you are a new employee, but everyone has their own obligations and responsibilities, they can’t spend too much time explaining everything to you. What you need to do is to be completely proactive in everything.
  • You must actively learn practical knowledge, actively learn more about the work you are doing, etc. And most importantly, you must be observant. See how your colleagues talk to each other? How do they treat their superiors? How professional is your boss’s working style? Learn the office culture and the culture of communicating with customers and through that you will learn a lot.

– Profession :

  • There are many opinions that an intern student may not need to work under office hours, want to go to work and come back anytime. But that is a wrong view. You should show your professionalism from the smallest things such as how to dress, walk, work style, behave in communication, abide by the rules of the internship agency, … and the most important thing. The most important thing is to always be on time. Let everyone in the agency where you are interning to see that you are really serious about your internship at the company, not just playing for money. This will help you increase your score in the eyes of everyone at the office and increase your chances of becoming a full-time employee after the internship.
  • It can be said that Internship – Internship is a turning point marking how your future career path will develop. To do it most effectively, you need to have a good preparation not only specialized knowledge but also practice skills to work in the most professional way. And you should take advantage of each opportunity to practice, study hard, focus at work, communicate positively and above all, be honest in work, sincere in dealing with people.


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