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  • Welcome to Rusq.org, which specializes in aggregating all questions and answers, what is the definition, discussing and answering what the abbreviation stands for among young people, today let’s learn a new concept that is what is M&E? Meanings of M&E. M&E Engineer is a versatile and useful profession. What is M&E? Important notes to become an M&E engineer
What is M&E? Important notes to become an M&E engineer - Website Rusq
What is M&E? Important notes to become an M&E engineer – Website Rusq

What is the definition of M&E?

  • M&E is a phrase that is an abbreviation of the term Mechanical and Electrical, which translates to mechanical and electrical. Therefore, people will collectively call the term M&E the electromechanical industry. In this industry, M&E plays an extremely important role for a project, accounting for 40 to 60% of the entire construction project when each construction project has two main areas: construction and construction. and electromechanical.

Main categories of M&E

To understand what M&E is thoroughly, you also need to understand what the M&E system is and how it is expressed. Based on the above definition, it can be summarized that the M&E system is a system consisting of two parts, the electrical part and the mechanical part in construction activities. In that system, the electrical part will account for more than the mechanical part, about 60%.

The M&E system is divided into 5 official categories, including:

  • – Electrical system (Electrical) includes light electricity and heavy electricity….
  • – Fire protection system, English name is Fire Alarm & Fire Fighting)
  • – Clean room system
  • – Water supply and drainage system. sanitary ware and chemicals. This system can be called P&S (Plumbing & Sanitary) for short.
  • – The ventilation and air conditioning system is called HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning)

When you have a clear understanding of what M&E is and the main systems of M&E, you must have somewhat understood how important each electrical item of M&E is when it has can account for about 60% of the entire M&E system.

Learn more about the details of electrical items in the M&E . system

Digging deeper into electrical categories will make it easier for you to grasp electrical job opportunities as well as step deeper into this industry. Basically, electrical items include heavy electricity and light electricity. In it you can capture the specific elements of each category.

Heavy electrical category

  • – Power supply system
  • – Power distribution system
  • – Flexible lighting system
  • – Incident lighting system
  • – Socket system
  • – Anti-lightning system

Light electrical category

  • – Telephone system
  • – Network
  • – Security surveillance system
  • – PA . system

Learn about the profession of M&E . engineer

What is an M&E engineer?

  • M&E engineer is the common name for the position of engineer working in the M&E items of the building.. They are directly responsible for the M&E items of the building that we mentioned in the above content.
  • Talking about M&E engineers does not mean that they are necessarily proficient in both the electrical and mechanical parts of the system. Instead, an M&E engineer may specialize in a particular area or item of either mechanical or electrical. For example, there will be engineers in charge of fire protection systems, or in charge of air conditioning, etc.
  • Even so, the prerequisite for an M&E engineer is the need to master the expertise and knowledge of both elements in the system. Whether you are a mechanical M&E engineer or an electrical M&E engineer, you still have to understand both the mechanical and electrical systems and always know how to coordinate them in a harmonious and rhythmic manner during the working process.
  • If you are an M&E engineer specializing in the category of air conditioning systems, you not only need to understand the operating mechanism of the air conditioning system, but also know how the electrical system of that air conditioner works.

What do M&E engineers do?

Here, https://# helps interested readers get more useful information about M&E engineer through the job description for this job. Clearly grasping the detailed job description means that you have a deeper understanding of what the task if you officially step into this industry needs to do.

The M&E engineer will need to perform the following tasks:

  • – To survey the site and make design drawings of the electromechanical system for the works
  • – Coordinate with consulting units, investors and supervision department to make the final decision in the construction and design.
  • – Planning and organizing the construction and installation of M&E systems for the project based on the investor’s funding as well as according to the schedule they have specified and the requirements they desire.
  • – Make the most detailed statistics about the volume of work being done, then the M&E engineer will report back to the investor about that detailed volume.
  • – Monitor the working process of the construction team closely based on the approved quality management standards. From there, provide plans to promptly handle any problems that arise during the implementation process, the main purpose of this task is to ensure the quality of the work and ensure the level of quality. safety for workers.
  • – Coordinating with other departments in organizing the acceptance test of the works, making corrections according to the investor’s requirements.
  • – Carefully check the quality of the electromechanical items in charge before sending the requirements for acceptance to the investors and the units performing the monitoring and consulting tasks.
  • – Making periodical work reports for investors
  • – Perform other duties as assigned by superiors.

Did you know the career opportunities of M&E engineer are wide open?

With the strong development of the construction and real estate industry in Vietnam, it can be seen that the position of M&E engineer has great potential for development. You can apply for any position in the works that are under construction, even new projects that are planning projects for implementation in the future. Most of the projects need to use the M&E system, from commercial centers, office buildings, hotels, hospitals to public works such as cable cars, airports, apartment buildings. High-rise buildings, industrial plants, industrial parks, etc. all use the M&E system, so it is indispensable for talented and skilled M&E engineers.

But the opportunity is even wider when this job position is hot in the Japanese job market. There are many orders to recruit M&E engineers to Japan to work and you know, not only is the opportunity to develop a career in this field, but also the opportunity to have an extremely attractive income. will also become a reality if successfully applying for M&E engineer orders in Japan.

Many HR and employment experts have made very valid judgments that the M&E job position is taking the throne in the Japanese market and that leads to great career prospects for engineers in Japan. Vietnam.

The demand for M&E human resources is increasing both at home and abroad, especially it has great potential in the Japanese market. On average, the basic salary of an M&E engineer will range from about 1o million to 20 million monthly, specifically depending on the volume of work and the nature of the work that you are undertaking. That is the general price on the Vietnamese market, and in the Japanese market, that number can increase a lot.

The salary for an M&E engineer in Japan has an initial starting point of about 180,000 yen per month. However, that number can still change based on many factors:

  • – For orders that only require a college degree or higher, the recruited person will not require extensive experience, nor even require proficiency in Japanese. Before participating in the entrance exam, the starting salary for the first year will be about 180 yen per month, equivalent to engineers will receive about 37 million VND.
  • – For orders that have strict requirements on Japanese, ensure the level of N4 or higher, no experience is required, the basic salary after signing the first year working contract will range from about 180 up to 200 thousand yen per month, equivalent to about 37 to 41 million VND in Vietnamese Dong.
  • – For orders that require an advanced degree from university level or higher and have the advantage of work experience, the basic salary of an M&E engineer in the first year ranges from 200 to 220 thousand yen monthly. . If you have level N4 or higher, that number will probably be higher.
  • – For orders that are required to have working experience in this field for 5 years or more, reaching Japanese level from N3 will be signed by employers with the highest salary contract. , which ranges from 220,000 to 250,000 yen monthly (equivalent to 45 to 50 million VND per month working).

The salary of an M&E engineer will be increased in proportion to the work experience and the level of Japanese language you achieve. In addition, in the following years while you work in Japan, your salary will increase based on the experience you have accumulated during your time working in Japan as well as your Japanese language proficiency. increase or not. Even M&E engineers have the opportunity to settle permanently in Japan. This is indeed an extremely attractive opportunity for young people to have more motivation to participate in the field of professional training of M&E engineers.

Skills required to succeed as an M&E engineer

Basically, M&E engineers need to have the following basic skills to ensure effective work and progress to certain success in the profession:

  • – Skills in making acceptance documents, explaining the volume
  • – Skills in using online contact tools to communicate smoothly with investors and consultants during the working process.
  • – English communication skills
  • – Know how to make records for payment and settlement
  • – Know how to identify and distinguish M&E materials
  • – Understand M&E construction methods
  • – Ability to read and understand M&E drawings
  • – Basic knowledge of tools and equipment in the installation of M&E system
  • – Know how to draw construction drawings


Thank you for reading Rusq.org’s article, hopefully the information will answer what is M&E ? The meanings of M&E will help readers add useful knowledge. If readers have any contributions or questions related to the definition of what is M&E? Please leave comments below this article. Rusq.org is always ready to exchange and receive new information and knowledge from readers

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