What is Odds? Meanings of Odd

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What is Odds? Meanings of Odd - Website Rusq
What is Odds? Meanings of Odd – Website Rusq

What is the definition of Odd?

  • Odd is: Golf club (Noun).
  • Odd is: skewed, deviant, skewed (adjective).
  • Odd is: Redundancy, excess, odd (Calculation in natural subjects).

What is even?

  • Even is: Flat, equal (adjective).
  • Even is: Even, not odd
  • Even is: Regular
  • Even is: to flatten, to flatten (verb).

In the process you use some computer software or directly Microsoft’s Excel software. Then Odd Page and Even Page are translated as even and odd pages.

Even Page: Evenly numbered pages like 2,4,…, 66
Odd Page: Oddly numbered pages such as: 1,3,…,77

What is Odd Page?

From the meaning of the word Odd is odd, we infer the meaning of the word Odd page is odd.

For example, the pages are numbered in order: 1, 3, 5, 7, …

In addition, we also have phrases containing odd words and idioms as follows:

  • Odd-looking (adj): Odd-looking
  • Odd parity: Check odd degree
  • Odd-come-shortly (n): Most recent date
  • One of these odd-come-shortlies: One of the most recent
  • Odd jobs (n) errands


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