What is PM? Meanings of PM

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  • Today, I would like to invite you to read with Rusq Website to learn about what is the meaning of PM ? The meanings of PM. Why do young people today often use the term PM on Facebook and in daily communication?

What is the definition of PM?

  • Currently, on Facebook, there are many new and unfamiliar terms that not everyone understands. For example, the phrase “PM”. In many chats, you will probably come across “tomorrow you remember to pm me” or “tomorrow you pm to Quynh for me”…So what does the phrase PM mean. Let’s find out with the Rusq Website blog!

Meaning of PM in facebook messaging

  • In English, the phrase PM stands for Private Message or Personal Message. In simple terms, this phrase is a private message, also known as a private message. If you are a person who often uses Facebook, you will know this phrase. For example, in a conversation, person A asks a question but person B still does not have an answer, person B will text back, “What’s the PM later”. Take another example like you are online on facebook but the person you need to message is not on facebook, you will leave a message line “When you have free time, remember to PM me!”
  • In addition, according to some information Rusq.org collected the phrase PM also means phone me. Means call me

Meaning of PM in facebook comments

  • We easily come across the phrase Pm in comments on facebook. In some cases, people who know each other happen to comment on the same topic on facebook. However, there are some private things that need to be talked about privately, usually they will use the phrase PM to start a private conversation through facebook’s messaging frame.

Other meanings of the phrase PM in english tế

  • You also know that the phrase PM stands for Personal Message. However, in English, the phrase PM is an acronym for Post Meridiem. Translated in the English sense, PM is used to refer to the afternoon time.
  • However, in the conversations of young people today, this meaning of the phrase PM is not used to refer to time. But this is also an important meaning of the phrase PM that you need to know


  • Through this article, Rusq.org hopes that readers will understand what PM is? The meanings of PM. And also hope that the above information will help readers understand the meaning of the phrase PM that businesses often use today.

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