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  • Welcome to Rusq.org specializes in generalizing all questions and answers what is the definition, discussing and answering what the abbreviation stands for among young people, today we will learn a new concept that is Promotion? Meanings of Promotion. What is Promotion? Information related to Promotion needs to know. What is Promotion? What are the factors for the success of the promotion strategy?
What is Promotion? The meanings of Promotion - Website Rusq
What is Promotion? The meanings of Promotion – Website Rusq

What is the definition of Promotion?

According to the definition of Vietnamese English dictionary:

  • Promotion is a noun, if translated in English, it means to promote consumption, promotion, advertising.
  • Or also known as promotion, promotion, encouragement, promotion and promotion

In the field of sales

Promotion is understood in two different meanings, namely:

+ What is Sales Promotion?

  • You can understand simply that these are promotions in the field of business. And it’s a very important skill in marketing strategies and is used most often. Developers in companies and businesses often create kicks to stimulate the market. This activity is directly related to the transactional activity known as sales promotion. However, in sales promotion activities, it is divided into two distinct types of activities: activities that encourage business development and activities used to encourage customer consumption.

+ What is promotion girl, boy?

  • Promotion Girl, Boy is a term used to refer to male and female aspects, these are all objects with ideal heights of 1m60 (for women) and 1m70 (for men), with beautiful faces and good expressions… These people often do marketing, advertising products and services, these are also the representative faces of a certain brand in the field of Marketing or they will appear in the events and promotions.

In the field of Marketing

  • What is Promotion? In the field of marketing, P plays the 4th role and this is a very important part of the Marketing Mix strategy. That is, before the promotion, the remaining P including product, price and distribution is always in a state of availability. Promotion often chooses to use integrated communication. And you can also understand simply that it is using a mixture of many different channels to convey information or brands to consumers..
  • Today’s column will help you study more deeply what promotion is in the field of marketing and all the information related to it. If you are interested, you can take the time to follow the content below!

Promotion in the field of Marketing and important information to know

What are the necessary objects to use promotion?

  • Currently, many customers have the opportunity to receive additional benefits when making purchases at businesses or companies, and this is also the factor called promotion in the field of marketing. Currently, many businesses have used marketing strategies to increase the number of goods sold. For example, a pizza shop has a promotion program that if you choose to buy 1 lunch at the store, you will not only receive 2 pieces of Pizza but also get a free drink. This is called a promotional strategy deployed to attract and direct customers to the additional benefit of buying a free drink.
  • Accordingly, through this advertising program, it will attract a huge number of customers and increase a lot compared to before.
  • Or while some companies want to increase sales of a harder-to-sell product, they often offer a promotional strategy to customers who have already purchased a related product. For example, if a mobile phone store wants to quickly sell out its headsets and chargers, they might now offer a sales strategy that is if you buy these items on the same day of purchase. The phone will be discounted. The target will be customers who are willing to spend a large amount of money to buy a phone who will definitely have the potential to buy products related to that phone. This discount program will help customers feel that if they buy now, it will be much more profitable.

What are the main ways of promotion used in Marketing?

Currently, marketing managers often use two main ways:

  • Above the line: These are jobs related to advertising and branding activities for long-term and sustainable purposes through the media. Examples: TV, radio, print and outdoor advertising. These activities are usually performed by the brand team.
  • Below the line: This is a program that includes activities to develop the distribution market, promoting the main activities of consumption and retail. Its purpose is to develop in the short term while simultaneously working to create direct effects. For example: direct marketing, giving samples of products, organizing events or promotions.
  • Besides, promotion can be combined with Price to make sales as well as carry out trade promotion. Or Venue for products to distribute prior to the start of promotions. Combine with Products to be able to offer different products in different channels. All of these factors will be utilized in the product marketing process.

What are the key elements that create a promotion strategy?

Promotion plays the main role of media positioning. Just like a cake, the basic ingredients are the same. But if you have a change in any ingredient in the product when you do it, the final result will be different. It’s the same as when you launch physical promotions. You can integrate different elements in it to create the best campaign and promotion. Elements in a promotion strategy include:

Direct Marketing Elements Marketing

These are advertising activities carried out without intermediaries or distributors of certain products of the company. This means companies are in direct contact with customers. Direct marketing typically includes:

  • – Send email directly
  • – Direct voice call
  • – Email directly to customers
  • – Direct customer survey form
  • – Advertising programs at the point of sale
  • – Outdoor event program.

Elements of fairs and exhibitions

  • What is Promotion? The approach through fairs and exhibitions is very useful to get new customer information. Companies rarely negotiate at such events. The main goal of these events is to encourage the psychological impact of shoppers to try the product. Fairs and exhibitions are the most effective tools to help you increase product sales.

Promotion element

  • What is promotion? Promotions are stimulating activities that encourage customers to buy quickly by providing additional benefits to increase revenue for the business (This is also called a pull strategy). This promotion is also targeted at intermediaries with the aim of motivating them to increase the number of goods sold.
  • In the company’s business, sometimes we have to create “pushs” to stimulate the market. Activities that create “market incentives” are directly related to trading activities, and the effectiveness of the promotion is only maintained for a short time. In the case of excessive abuse of promotions, it can cause businesses to encounter a situation that is counterproductive.

Personal selling factor

  • This is the most effective factor to be able to manage relationships with individual customers. And the employees-sales people are the face of the business. They must be well trained in personal selling techniques and methods. However, using existing sellers is quite expensive and you should only use this element when it really works.

Sponsorship factor

  • Sponsorship is where companies pay to be associated with a particular brand, event or image, such as sponsorship of sporting events like the Olympic Games or Formula 1 races. In These events are often accompanied by corporate sponsors.

Online promotion element

  • This is understood as the use of advertising elements in the digital platform. Example: Use Google’s pay-per-click online advertising or run ads for the website. Businesses can implement the method of sending emails to their target customers. Besides, businesses can also use the website to convey their own messages.
  • Currently, online advertising is developing extremely vigorously, comprehensively and strongly through smart means such as mobile phones or social media channels such as Facebook, Youtube … used by many companies. This is one of the most successful ways to promote services and products that businesses today should apply.

Public relations factor

  • It is an element that is defined as an ongoing, planned activity in an effort to establish and maintain reputation, affection, and mutual understanding between an organization and the public. This element is relatively cheap but not completely free. Successful public relations strategies tend to be long-term and require developers to have a detailed plan for specific cases.

Advertising element

  • Advertising is a paid form of propaganda that introduces information about a product, service, business, or idea to a customer. Advertising aims to influence the behavior and buying habits of customers by providing a sales message to convince a seller’s product or service. There are many advertising media that can be used such as newspapers, advertising programs, magazines or Internet communication programs, etc.

What does a successful promotion strategy need to ensure?

A promotion strategy is only called successful when it fully meets the following factors:

Positioning factor

  • If you talk about the most advanced car company today, which brand do you usually think of? Is this brand BMW, AUDI, FERRARI or another brand? Currently, these companies are trying to use all means to hold the top in the minds of consumers. Promotion strategy will be the main and most important factor determining the brand value in the minds of shoppers.

Acceptance factor

  • A customer should be able to accept a product. If they have heard of this brand somewhere. So, along with reputation, what is the promotion strategy? This is also the most effective way to help shoppers accept the product. However, for some cases that may not be the case. No matter how much promotion you do if the product doesn’t fit, the market will never accept it. Therefore, each promotion strategy will have its own limitations.

Cognitive factor

  • What is awareness? The first and most important role of promotion is to create awareness among consumers. Whenever a new product is about to be launched or a new program is introduced, awareness needs to be created along with it. Nowadays, most businesses use a mix of marketing including BTL and ATL to strongly promote their own products.

Brand building elements

  • The phrase “a brand is a promise” is an immortal statement in the marketing world. However, a brand will include the product as well as the company’s communications to customers. Some brands like Apple and Coca Cola are always in the TOP of the most popular brands today. This is the result of their media marketing and advertising efforts in recent decades.

Target customer factor

  • Promotions are implemented to help businesses precisely target their customers For example: Pepsi targets young people, Adidas targets customers who are passionate about sports, etc. If you target the exact same target as positioning or segmenting the market, then surely the business will have an extremely suitable promotion strategy.

Trademark Revocation Factor

  • What are the goals of the promotion? One of the most common goals is to make customers obsessed with the brand. This will be a way to help shoppers remember your product/service. Currently, there are many brands in the shopping market. There are products that don’t need advertising that shoppers can also remember, but in areas where there is strong competition and no product diversification, surely businesses need to organize promotions? regularly to turn the brand into a familiar name in the minds of users. Therefore, Promotion in Marketing will help remind customers of the brand anytime, anywhere. Doing so will be effective in promoting sales and branding the product.

The factor of getting new customers

  • The ultimate goal of marketing or any product promotion campaign is to attract new customers. And bring “big” profits for the company. With ATL and BTL activities working together and having the right marketing communication plan, it will be easier for businesses to get more customers.


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