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What is the concept of RFID? - Learn and specific applications - Website Rusq
What is the concept of RFID? – Learn and apply specifically – Website Rusq

What is the definition of RFID?

  • What is RFID? RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification which is a technology to identify objects by radio waves. Then both devices operate on the same frequency and that frequency commonly used in RFID is 125Khz or 900Mhz.
  • An RFID device is composed of two main components, a reader device and a chip-based code generator. In which the reading device is attached with an antenna that receives and transmits electromagnetic waves, and the device that transmits the RFID code is attached to the object to be identified, each RFID device contains a certain code so that it does not overlap.

What is RFID used for?

  • Applications of RFID technology exist everywhere in today’s modern life. It may appear in identification cards used to manage security or grant access to controlled areas. Or more simply, RFID tags placed on items like clothing and other retail products help track them more efficiently from delivery to the store.
  • More and more credit and debit cards have built-in RFID chips to create a better and more secure payment system when they are used with the right chip reader. Even, RFID tags can also be used to identify pets in case they get lost in the owner’s arms.

How do RFID devices work?

  • There are actually two different types of RFID devices (or tags). Among them, the more common and commonly used type in credit and debit cards is the Passive RFID Card. Cards using this technology do not have an internal power source. Instead, it works on contact with another device, like an RFID chip reader. The reader broadcasts radio waves to the passive RFID tag, powers it, and “reads” information stored on the tag, such as an identification number.
  • The second type is Active RFID Tags, tags that have their own power source (usually a battery). As the name suggests, it can actively send its own radio waves to the appropriate readers, to transmit the information encoded in the tag. Basically, this working mechanism is similar to NFC technology.
  • Passive RFID tags have a rather limited operating range, only about 6m in theory, while active RFID tags can work at a much longer range, about 30m or more.

Is it safe and secure to use RFID tags?

  • The radio waves emitted by RFID tags or RFID readers are in the low frequency range and are completely harmless to use. Some information suggests that bad guys can create information theft devices embedded in RFID cards, especially sensitive data such as credit cards, debit cards, etc., within a small distance. Although the number of cases recorded in reality is not much, to ensure information security, many types of card wallets with built-in radio protection are becoming more and more popular.


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