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What is root? Should you root your Android device? - Website Rusq Website
What is root? Should you root your Android device? – Rusq website

What is the definition of Root?

  • Rooting the phone is to help you completely control your device, which will interfere deeply with what the manufacturer locks or blocks. In other words, rooting is gaining control of the device’s system, helping you customize the settings to overcome the high security barrier of the manufacturer.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Pros and cons of rooting

Advantages of rooting

  • – Helps increase speed: this is the factor that causes many people to choose root to want to improve performance.
  • – Block ads: The thing that almost everyone hates and annoys the most is ads. Today ads appear everywhere, when you surf the web to applications and games, there are ads everywhere. If you want to get rid of this annoyance, you’d better root your device.
  • – Remove unnecessary apps: Manufacturers often cram dozens of apps into your smartphone, and there are a lot of apps out there that you will never use, but sadly neither will you These applications can be removed without rooting.
  • Change the interface: After rooting, you can also change the interface for the phone, you can completely change the icons or fonts depending on each person’s preferences.

Disadvantages of rooting the phone

  • The first thing if you proceed to root your device will definitely void the warranty.
  • Rooting the device will make your device more vulnerable to attacks (possibly losing your personal information, many of your important accounts).
  • If you install a bad ROM, your device may be slow or frozen.
  • In addition, for those of you who do not have much rooting experience, there is a risk of turning the phone into a true brick, unusable.
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Note before rooting the phone you should know

  • Warranty: As warned by many manufacturers, rooting voids the device warranty. In cases where root is required, it is necessary to proceed or should only root with machines that have passed the genuine warranty period to avoid loss of benefits from the manufacturer.
  • – Security: Accordingly, the Goolge Wallet application (which turns the phone into an electronic wallet for online payments) has a vulnerability that allows other applications to access the PIN code and personal information of the user.
  • – If you are using Google Wallet to pay, you should be very careful. But rest assured, Google Wallet will display warnings if the user is using the program on a rooted device.
  • – The phenomenon of “Brick”: So for inexperienced people, it is necessary to learn carefully, especially from those who have successfully rooted on a similar device to avoid the situation that the phone loses all its basic functions. versions such as listening, calling… and smart features.

Should I root my phone or not?

  • Rooting the device or not depends on your usage needs. If you are a simple user, what the manufacturer provides is enough to meet your needs, then rooting is not necessary.
  • But if you are a person who likes to explore and tinker, you want to master your device, then rooting is the best option.
  • However, rooting is not recommended by phone manufacturers, root if you really need to and you understand it well.
  • In addition, instead of rooting your device, you can choose to install some 3rd party software to help you customize as many things as you want.


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