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What is Senpai? Learn about Senpai - Rusq Website
What is Senpai? Learn about Senpai – Rusq Website

What is the definition of Senpai?

  • Senpai means seniors, superiors, who have had a lot of experience in a certain field. Usually, people will call their name with the word senpai to show respect and respect for their senior.
  • However, for the working environment, Senpai is not your boss, they are just the people who go ahead and often instruct you on what you should follow. The Senpai in the working environment can be people who have been in the same position as you for many years and will give you advice, not orders.

What is Sensei?

  • Sensei is a word used to refer to someone with a higher position than Senpai. People often confuse the concept of Sensei and Senpai, but in reality, this term has extremely different meanings. For Kohai, their relationship with the sensei was not as close as it was with the Senpai.
  • From a work perspective, Sensei will usually be the ones standing in the position of the general boss, the President.

What is Kohai?

  • Kohai translated into Vietnamese means junior. If you call someone Senpai then of course you will be their kohai.
  • Kohai must always have a respectful attitude and show a willingness to learn from Senpai’s experience. During meeting meals, Kohai will be the one to pour drinks for Senpai, there are even Kohais who will order the same food as their senpai to show respect.

Is there age discrimination to decide who is Senpai/Sensei and who is Kohai?

  • The age difference between Kohai and Senpai/Sensei is so not uncommon in Japanese relationships. For normal social relationships, the Japanese are still very respectful and call their elders Senpai. However, in the case of working relationships, having an older Kohai is also very likely.
  • Deciding whether to call one’s subordinate Kohai or not is something that people are often confused about. For Japanese people, they will still be your Senpai/Sensei but if you are older they have to use honorifics. That’s why Sensei/Senpai’s way of talking to Kohai right now also needs more care and subtlety.

Is it necessary to have some Sensei, Senpai or Kohai?

  • Sensei, Senpai and Kohai seem to be basic roles for the Japanese. No need to question whether it is necessary or not, you will definitely have to have such relationships if you decide to work or study in Japan. The working spirit of the people of the land of cherry blossoms all have one thing in common: solidarity and support for each other, so please respect your seniors, as well as, if possible, support the afterlife. more of their own. Especially for those who are just starting their journey to work, export labor in Japan, having a Senpai will be very necessary. The Japanese have always been very friendly and hospitable, so be bolder in relationships not only at work but also outside of society. Because getting used to everything alone is never really easy, right?

Culture of behavior between Senpai/Sensei and Kohai

  • As for the senpai, it is their responsibility to give more guidance and advice to their kohai. Once they are in the position of senpai or even sensei, they will have to guide, guide and help the hokai a lot.
  • As for the hokai, in front of the sensei, one’s senpai must always have more respectful and humble words and actions. When asking for a favor senpai always asks politely, always using words like: sorry, sorry, thanks…
  • In addition to learn more, the Senpai – Kohai relationship is also the foundational relationship in Japanese martial arts. All of Japan’s martial arts specifically emphasize the relationship between senpai and kohai. Because not everything in martial arts can be learned by oneself alone, it is necessary to learn from experience and listen to advice from Senpai that not only helps us in technique but also helps to increase the connection between learners with martial arts, as well as with other fellow subjects.


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