What is service? Meanings of Service

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What is service? Meanings of the Service - Website Rusq
What is service? Meanings of the Service – Website Rusq

What is Service Definition?

  • According to Philip Kotler, a service (DV) is any activity or benefit that one entity provides to another, in which the object provided is necessarily intangible and does not result in the ownership of a anything, and the production of a service may or may not be tied to a physical product.
  • Or “Service is an activity consisting of non-existent elements, which resolves the relationship between the customer or the property owned by the customer and the supplier without the transfer of ownership.”

Features of the service

Service has 5 characteristics:


  • It is difficult to have a common standard to evaluate the quality of service. (even the same type of service does not have a criterion to evaluate the quality because the quality of the product in general will be evaluated first through the technical index, but because the service is invaluable. Therefore, it is difficult to get technical indicators and here service quality is reflected in the satisfaction and satisfaction of consumers – but consumer satisfaction is also very different, it can change. changed a lot).


  • Inseparability is a consequence of invisibility and inseparability. Here the service provider does not store the services but they store the ability to provide the service for the next time. Service exists only for the time it is provided. Therefore, DV cannot mass-produce to store in reserve, when there is market demand, it will be sold.


  • Intangibility is reflected in the fact that people cannot use the senses to perceive the physico-mechanical properties of the service.


  • Services are often supplied and consumed at the same time, unlike physical goods that are often produced, stored, and distributed through intermediaries, and then delivered to the final consumer.

Non-transferable property:

  • When purchasing a product, the customer transfers ownership and becomes the owner of the goods he has purchased. When buying a service, a customer is only entitled to use the service and enjoy the benefits that the service brings for a certain period of time only.

The nature of the service

  • Service is a process, it happens in a certain sequence including many stages, many different steps. In each phase, there will sometimes be additional services, additional services.
  • Service is the process of operating activities and behaviors based on intangible factors to solve the relationships between businesses and customers.
  • Services are associated with performance/achievement because each service is associated with the goal of bringing some value to consumers. Performance here is the utility, value and added value that customers receive after using the service.


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