What is SML? Meanings of SML

Rusq.org explains what SML means

  • Today, we invite you to read with Website Rusq to learn about the meaning of SML? Meanings of SML. Why do young people today often use SML on facebook and other social networks.

What is the definition of SML?

  • According to Rusq.org’s research, the word sml is a slang word that first appeared through a popular comedy website among young Vietnamese. It is known that the website is haivl. A website that specializes in funny and funny photos. Along with the explosion of facebook usage in Vietnam and globally. The word sml is known and used more by many young people
What is SML? How to use SML?
What is SML? How to use SML?

SML – Face down*

  • This is the main meaning of the word sml. This phrase is used by many young people. SML means to describe an action of pain in the body due to an unexpected event that makes you unable to move in time.
  • Face down lo* is also described with the meaning when you suddenly fall down
  • Rusq.org gives an example to make it easier for readers to understand as follows: There are 2 people fighting and one person next to him says “oh there are two people fighting sml”
  • The word sml also implies boredom. For example, it’s sunny and it’s raining sml
    In summary, the use of the word sml in the above cases is not clear. But still at a moderate level and can be used. And the word sml can be used in crowded places or in conversations between close friends

SML is understood in the sense of face down

  • In some cases SML is used to describe a state in relation to the body. In this next sense SML is understood in the sense of face down. It is used to describe the feelings of someone who is unable to control their emotions and control their emotions. In some cases, the word sml is often accompanied by verbs such as cry, laugh, suffer…
What is SML? How to use SML?
What is SML? How to use SML?

Take a simple example: Yesterday, my mother beat me in the face of a pig :)))

  • According to # the use of this word sml often brings a sense of playfulness and humor to those around. For example, when you told your friends yesterday I was beaten in the face by my mother. Getting hit is painful but when used in this context, it lessens a bit

The word sml is understood in the sense of the word desert

  • Desert words means slang that is popularly used by young people on facebook and teenagers now. The desert of words shows that you are out of words and don’t know what to say in a conversation. Rusq.org will give an example for readers to understand easily

For example:

Friend A: Tomorrow is Tet and don’t know what to wear
Friend B: I’m SML with you

SML in this case is properly understood as a desert of words, not any other obscene meaning!

The word sml is understood in the sense of always face down

In some cases, the word sml is used to mean face down. This is also a word that means an act of falling face down

What is SML? What meanings of SML do you already know?
What is SML? What meanings of SML do you already know?

Some other meanings of the word sml are:

  • I’m so scared
  • Super secret
  • Super pig face
  • Touch hard…

Depending on the situation, we determine the semantics of the word sml.

Sml is an acronym for send my love

  • In some cases the word sml is known to be an acronym for Send my love. This is a phrase used in an English song. if translated the meaning of the phrase send my love means send my love. But according to #’s research, the word SML is rarely used with the meaning of this acronym.

In what cases is the word sml used?

  • The phrase sml is used by many young people. The use of the phrase sml has become a habit and can be viewed as a trend. In conversations, we often hear the word sml as a familiar word and a catchphrase of some young people.
  • The use of the phrase sml is not only on the social network facebook, but in real life anywhere, anytime, anywhere, we can also accidentally hear this phrase.

Word sml used in game

  • If you are a person who often plays games, you will surely come across the word sml in the game. Especially team games or fighting games. The word sml used in the game usually means encouragement, for example: Hit your opponent sml
  • Gamers often use the word sml to refer to defeat or defeat in the game

The word sml is used on social networks

  • In Vietnam, according to statistics, the word sml is used the most on two social networks: facebook and zalo.
  • The use of the phrase sml by young people on social networks has many different meanings and meanings. But according to the research of the blog Nghialagi, the use of the phrase sml on facebook has the meaning of teasing, sarcasm, joking …

The word sml used in communication

  • Young people now often imitate the trend. The same goes for the use of the phrase sml. This can be seen as a trend for young people. The phrase sml is not only an online language, but it is increasingly popular in everyday life.
  • Some young people take advantage of the use of the phrase sml with vulgar and unhealthy meanings
  • For office workers, they can also use sml phrases to make a conversation more fun. However, it also depends on the new use of this phrase. Avoid using the sml phrase in the wrong context that will be judged negatively by others
  • With teenagers, they are the ones who are always approaching new words. Therefore, the use of the phrase sml is often used by them and combined with many other words. Not only in conversation, even while watching a movie or viewing a picture can also use the phrase sml

Some experiences for you when using the phrase sml

  • As you all know, the phrase sml has many different meanings. Therefore, when using this phrase, you must know for sure what it means in certain circumstances
  • Most meanings of the phrase sml are obscene. And not everyone understands the full meaning of this phrase. Therefore, you should limit the use of this phrase to avoid misunderstanding and unfriendly looks of people who do not fully understand the meaning of this phrase.


Through this article, Rusq.org hopes that readers will understand what SML is? Meanings of SML. And also hope that the above information will help readers understand the meaning of the phrase sml that young people often use today.

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