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What is staff? Distinguish Staff from some other similar words - Website Rusq
What is staff? Distinguish Staff from some other similar words – Website Rusq

What is the definition of Staff?

  • Staff is the common name for a few common personnel positions in the restaurant – hotel. Staff is understood as an employee, who is in charge of low-level work, receiving job duties from the Department Supervisor or Manager. Depending on the characteristics of each profession, Staff belonging to each different department will have different duties and functions.

Staff positions are often found in the restaurant – hotel industry

Personnel Administration Department

  • Legal Officer – Legal Officer. are the people who directly manage the company’s legal documents, documents and brand names. In addition, the legal experts also have the task of consulting senior leaders and department heads in the company to complete the work in the right direction, in accordance with the functions and duties that the company has registered.
  • Human Resources Staff (HR Staff) – Administrative – HR staff. Human resource related administrative tasks such as recruitment, administrative related plans of the company, along with the implementation of appropriate plans to maintain good human resources for the company. fostering and developing capacity for each individual and department, helping everyone to complete their work well.
  • Payroll/ Insurance – Salary/Insurance staff. With the main jobs related to paying / paying salaries for employees in the company as well as insurance contracts.

Front desk department

  • Operation Staff – Call center staff / Telephone operator: Receive and listen to customer feedback, handle situations arising on telesale, report work to relevant superiors to handle work .
  • Cashier Staff – Cashier: An important job position in restaurants, hotels, and the F&B industry in general, mainly responsible for performing payment services for diners, controlling revenue- Spending, printing invoices and many other related jobs as assigned by management
  • Reception Staff – Receptionist: Receptionist, hotel receptionist or receptionist who works in the lobby of the hotel; Their job is to answer the phone, receive and provide information, handle guest requests, welcome and do check-in/check-out procedures for guests as required.
  • Reservation Staff – Reservation staff: Are the first people to directly contact and listen to the needs of customers. The main job related to the confirmation of rooms for guests.
  • Concierge Staff – Customer Support staff: In charge of working directly with customers, supporting customers when needed, ensuring smooth work efficiency, customer satisfaction about the service of the business.
  • Bell man – Luggage staff: Guide guests to the room that has been booked or just checked in.
  • Door man – staff standing at the door: Welcoming and greeting guests when they come to the company. Instruct and serve customers.

Sales and Marketing Department

  • PR / Guest Relation – PR staff / Customer Relations: As part of the company, the person who keeps the brand’s soul. Their main function is to plan to build the company’s image to help customers have sympathy, interest in products and identify the company and brand in the most clear way.
  • Marketing Staff – Marketing staff: Those who perform the tasks set out by the marketing department, ensuring effective marketing and advertising activities. Creative brand development strategies to promote the company’s products and services to the majority of the public.
  • Sales Staff – Sales staff: This is a position for direct sales people in businesses. The main task is to advise, introduce products to customers, answer questions about services and at the same time convince customers to buy goods to increase sales for the company.

Finance and accounting department

  • Debt Accountant – Debt Accountant. With the main task is to manage and track the company’s debts. The receipts, expenditures, cash book, bank money, payables … along with that, it is combined with accounting to handle outstanding bad debts.
  • Auditor – Internal Accountant. Accountants only work within the company. Perform the work of recording, making documents, storing, checking and monitoring the economic and financial activities of the enterprise from the beginning to the end; provide information for decision making in production and business activities.
  • Accountant Staff – Accountant. The set of jobs of the accounting department includes jobs related to invoices, documents, information about the company’s economic problems so far, analysis, data processing, calculation. Summarize the numbers on the vouchers, check the accuracy of those numbers, report the financial statements to the superiors.
  • General Accountant – General Accountant. They are people who are inclined to internal accounting activities: collect, process data and provide the most general information about the company’s financial and business activities, are responsible for the data from the details. to be aggregated in the accounting books.
  • Cash keeper – Cashier: Check the legality and reasonableness of documents before exporting and importing money from the fund. Daily inventory and reconciliation of funds with the general accountant, coordinate with the general accountant on the balance of the fund to serve business goals or ensure the payment of salaries, insurance and other benefits for employees.
  • Purchaser – Purchasing Officer: Ensures that materials and services for the maintenance and development of the business are purchased from reputable suppliers and provided on agreed terms.
  • Store keeper: In charge of inventory management role on all warehouse jobs and responsible for inventory statistics.

Room Parts

  • Linen Room – Fabric Warehouse employee: Responsible for managing fabric inventory such as: staff uniforms, bed sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, towels, napkins… – all items are fabric items. in the hotel.
  • Public Area Cleaner – Public Hygienist: The position in charge of bringing a clean and shiny image to the hotel.
  • Housekeeping Staff – Housekeeping staff: The main job is to clean, ensure that the room space is always in a neat, clean, fragrant and cool condition. At the same time, the room staff must also check the operating status of the equipment and utensils in the room, making sure they are not damaged or malfunctioning.
  • Laundry Staff – Laundry staff: Responsible for ensuring that all laundry services for the hotel are performed according to service standards, and are promptly met for customers.
  • Baby Sitter – Babysitting staff: look after and keep children safe and hygienic.

Technical department

  • Electrical Engineer – Electrical staff: In charge of and handling the work related to electricity and power transmission lines in the company.
  • Plumber – Water employee: In charge and handling, mainly responsible for the work related to water and drainage in the company.
  • Carpenter – Woodworker
  • Engineering Staff – Technical staff. The nature of engineering-related jobs is to solve problems related to machines and electrical equipment in the company. Due to the nature of the work, it requires technical people to always think logically, add creativity, not mechanically mold processes.
  • Maintenance Staff – Maintenance staff: Check and maintain machines and equipment in the business.
  • AC Chiller – Refrigeration staff: In charge and handling, main responsibility for the work related to refrigeration electronics, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment in the company.

What is Employee?

Employee is a noun that refers to an employee, employee or employee.

Some examples of Employee in the business

  • Employee Association: Union of employees
  • Employee Handbook: Employee Handbook
  • Employee Rating: Evaluate and classify employees
  • Full-time Employee: Full-time employee
  • Temporrary Employee: Temporary Employee
  • Employee Share Ownership: Ownership of shares by employees
  • Employee Stock Option: Employee’s right to buy shares
  • Student Employee: Employee is a student
  • Embassy Employee: Embassy employee

What is the difference between Staff and Employee

At first glance, we will see that Staff and Employee have no difference when they all mean the same thing as an employee. Essentially the basic difference between these two words is:

  • Staff is a term used to talk about a group of people working in a company or organization, not just by name.
  • Employee is a term used to refer to an individual who is paid to work for someone else

In addition, as mentioned above, Staff is a general term for a few common personnel positions in restaurants and hotels, and Employee is often used for personnel working in the office.


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