What is take-up? Meanings of Take Up

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What is take-up? Meanings of Take up - Website Rusq
What is take-up? The meanings of Take up – Website Rusq

What is the definition of Take up?

Take up means to solve something,

  • For example.
    I will take up this matter with my husband.
    Translated into Vietnamese, the above sentence means that I will solve this problem with my husband.

Take up means to catch guests.

  • For example.
  • The bus stops to take up.
  • Translated into Vietnamese, the above sentence means that the bus stops for passengers to go up (Bus stop to catch passengers).

Take up means to understand someone’s meaning.

  • For example.
  • I’ve taken up your idea. I’ll fix it right now.
  • Translated into Vietnamese, the above sentence means I understand what you mean. I will fix it right now.

Take up means discuss

  • For example.
  • The school plans to take the matter up with the parents.
  • Translated into Vietnamese, the above sentence means that the school intends to discuss the matter with parents.

Take up means starting a new habit or new job.

  • For example.
  • He took up jogging after his doctor advised him to get some exercises. Translated into Vietnamese it means that he decided to walk after the doctor advised him to exercise.
  • Took up here is the past tense of Take up with the meaning of starting a new habit.
    At Langmaster, they take up a new method to teach English.
  • Translated into Vietnamese, this sentence means that at Langmaster center, they started a new method to teach English.

Take up means to pick up something.

  • For example.
  • Excuse me. Could you take it up for me, please?
  • Translated into Vietnamese it means Excuse me, can you help me pick that up?

Which of the above meanings do you prefer to take up?

  • As mentioned above, Take up has many meanings. So which one of the above meanings do you like the most?
    As far as I know, Take up is well known with the meaning of starting a new habit.
    Have you ever started a new habit? I think it is. Because in everyone’s life, there will definitely be times when we need to start a new habit.
  • Let me give you an example. For example, when breaking up with a lover. You seem to have to “Take up” every daily routine between the two of you.
  • You will have to start the habits of a loner. During 1 day, you will not use it to send messages asking and caring about each other like every other day. You will no longer receive calls from the other side. You will also no longer receive good night wishes before bed. You will no longer have dates on the weekend. When there are pressing things at work, friends or when there is a happy story that you want to share with someone, but you don’t dare to text that person.
    If your previous habits always have the image of the person you love. But after a breakup, you start new habits that are no longer present. Instead of texting and calling each other every day. You will take advantage of the time to surf Facebook to keep track of what your “old” lover is doing, online or not.
    Do you still remember the days, even when your lover is online or not on Facebook, you still take advantage of texting in your free time as much as possible. And after breaking up, even if their facebook nick is still bright, you don’t dare to text.
    From time to time, people often spread among themselves that. In life, there should be times when you change your daily habits. Starting new habits is one of the ways to help you feel better and new in life. But it depends on the case. If in a positive way, you can start new habits with a very excited mind. On the contrary, if you have to start new habits in a negative way like breaking up with the person you love the most, it will be too difficult for you.
    Well, it also depends on the personality of each person. For example, in breaking up with a lover, there are people with whom they are very strong and it is trivial to change their daily routines with new ones without the presence of their lover. But there are also people who are heavy-hearted. It may take months, years, for them to take up – starting new habits without a lover by their side.
  • But anyway, in this life, try to take one up. Take up is by no means mandatory. You may not be able to start new habits. But it helps you become stronger before every next difficulty. Not only love, you can start new habits at work, friends or beauty, for example.
    Share a little bit. I have succeeded in starting a new habit that is every morning when I wake up, instead of frowning, I greet each morning with a smile. Because for me, every day is a joy. Before, I used to be quite scowling when I woke up (so that time my face was full of ugly wrinkles). Since I greet the new day with a bright smile. I feel like life is suddenly more beautiful and worth living.
  • And you, what habits have you started in life? Can you share your story so everyone will know.


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