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What is Telegram? Latest Telegram User Guide - Website Rusq
What is Telegram? Latest Telegram User Guide – Rusq Website

What is the definition of Telegram?

  • Telegram is a messaging application developed by the Russian Durov brothers. Telegram is the integration between the messaging speed of Whatsapp and the high level of security of Snapchat to create an application that many people choose to use today.
  • Telegram was only really well known at the time of the Whatsapp incident. It was also because of this event that Telegram gained nearly 5 million users in a short period of time and became the most downloaded application at that time.
  • Telegram is present and active in more than 46 countries around the world stretching from Germany to Ecuador. In countries with a strong information technology background like the US, Telegram has also become the leading social networking application. The information said that there was a time when Telegram almost outperformed Facebook, Whatsapp and Kik.

What is the reason why telegram grows so quickly?

The reason why Telegram has grown so rapidly in such a short period of time is because of the following 4 reasons:

Telegram is completely free

  • If Whatsapp charges users, Telegram is completely free. It is this strategy that has attracted a large number of customers for Telegram up to now. Telegram does not set revenue or profit goals as it operates entirely on a non-profit organization.
  • Durov himself has said that the company will not receive any investment from outside. If one day Telegram no longer has enough money to operate, they will call for donations from the community. Obviously, with this strategy, Telegram is much wiser when it comes to gaining sympathy from users and Whatsapp will no longer be number 1.

Telegram is highly secure

  • Telegram is more secure than other messaging apps. Indeed, Durov, the founder of Telegram, replied that the top reason why Telegram is where it is today is because of building a highly secure way of communication. That means Telegram’s system is so secure that even Russian security companies can’t access it.
  • Therefore, users can text and interact with friends without having to worry about being stolen by security agencies or hackers. This function of Telegram is also known as Secret Chat.

Telegram as an open source

  • In addition to having high security, another reason why Telegram has become a hot application is the constant innovation from the developers. You can simply understand that Telegram allows third-party access to Telegram application design and development.
  • Developers can access Telegram’s underlying platforms to edit, design, or even create new versions of the app for newer, better, and user-friendly interfaces and designs. more user friendly. This is also a distinctive feature of Telegram compared to other applications.

Telegram is user-centric

  • As mentioned above, the fact that Telegram does not charge for use means that the interests of users are put first. Besides, Telegram always works based on the market, absorbing and listening to user feedback. Thus, Telegram has realized its user-centric goal and brought Telegram closer to more people.
  • Because of the above reasons, it is not difficult to realize how Telegram has developed? The fact that this company will grow even more in the future is certainly indisputable. Let’s wait and see!

Advantages of Telegram application

Telegram’s customer satisfaction up to the present time is because it possesses some of the following advantages:

  • Can create chat groups with many members
  • Possess the “Last seen” feature
  • Has the function to add stickers to photos
  • There is a spelling correction function chính
  • Have a secret chat
  • Users can send large files
  • Can watch video while chatting
  • Control downloaded photos and videos

How to download Telegram

Currently, Telegram is available for download on the following platforms:

  • Windows / Linux Links
  • Link for MacOS
  • Android phone link
  • iOS phone link

Also you can go to the homepage to download the most suitable version.

Instructions for installing Telegram on computers, web and phones

On the computer

From the installation language selection dialog, select “ English” and then press “ OK”.

You choose the path for the folder containing the application “ Browse… ” Then click “ Next ”.

The application will ask again if you are sure to save it to the “ Telegram Desktop” folder, click “ Next” or you can change it to your liking and continue.

If you don’t want the application to create a Shotcut icon on the desktop, uncheck ” Create a desktop icon” and then click ” Next”.

Click “ Install” to start the application installation

Click “ Finish” to close the installation dialog.

Click “ Start Messaging” to start using.

Telegram registration instructions

After successfully downloading, open the application and see the login screen, select your country Vietnam and enter your phone number, then select Next. You will receive a code via text message, enter this code.

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Telegram User Guide

Looking for you

The application can automatically scan the user’s contacts, helping them find out who are using Telegram if they allow the application to connect to the contacts book. When you go to the Contacts tab at the bottom left of the screen, Telegram will display a list of friends who are using Telegram, along with contacts who are not currently registered with the application.

Start a casual conversation

Select a friend with a Telegram account to start a new chat. Similar to WhatsApp and other traditional messaging apps, there is a text bar at the bottom of the screen that is used to type messages.

Send a photo, video, document, contact or current location

You can choose to take an instant photo or video, or choose an existing photo or video from your gallery. There is also an option to search for images on the Web.

If you want to send your current location, select the Location Options section and approve the app’s access to your current location.

Open a private chat

From the Contacts section, select the New Secret Chat section and then select the recipient’s name. Any information sent in this section is encrypted, meaning no one else has access to the chat. You can send texts, media, and documents just like a regular conversation.

In addition, you can also create self-destructing secret chat messages, meaning they will be deleted automatically after a set period of time.

Adjust chat background

In the Settings section at the bottom right of the application, you can choose the background image for the chat, there are many images for the user to choose from, allowing you to customize the appearance of the chat.

Future of Telegram

  • In terms of versatility and experience, Telegram is a very meticulous application. Lots of people use and give about very good feedback. If it is used for security and information exchange, it is extremely convenient. However, compared to Facebook or Twitter, there is still a missing Telegram. It is the connection between other users in the world. All Telegram activities are in a related and very closed group. If you want to promote your image and activities to more customers, you still need Facebook, Zalo or Twitter.
  • Telegram’s popularity in Vietnam is not much. The Vietnamese community on Facebook and Zalo is still very large. Telegram needs time to develop and expand in Vietnam and many other regions. And in the future, Telegram is believed to be as powerful as Facebook currently because of its great features. The Vietnamese community is also gradually finding out by searching the keyword what Telegram is on Google. Therefore, the future of a Telegram developing in Vietnam is entirely possible.

Is Telegram safe?

  • Telegram’s primary goal is security. The app has claimed all platform activities including group chats and media are encrypted. That is, even if blocked, activities on the platform will not be visible without first being decrypted.
  • Although some experts are still skeptical about how secure it is, so far the application still does what it is supposed to do.


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