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What is Traffic? How to increase organic traffic for your website - Website Rusq
What is Traffic? How to increase organic traffic for your website – Website Rusq

What is the definition of Traffic?

  • Traffic means traffic, this is a term to describe the number of users visiting your website, with the unit being visits. Different websites will have different traffic.
  • Traffic is calculated for the entire site and the value of traffic will increase when a user visits the website, or from one page to another will also be counted as 1 traffic. Therefore, increasing traffic is the goal that many SEO investors aim for, especially those who are managing news websites.

What is the importance of Traffic?

As a term that makes SEO people remember day and night, surely the importance of Traffic is not small. Most websites today, whether choosing SEO or Google Adwords, have the same goal of increasing user traffic. Here are the 5 main important roles of Traffic.

  • High traffic means that your website provides a lot of quality content, helping SEOs to gauge the user’s interest in the website.
  • High traffic helps to increase conversion rate (CR).
  • Large and stable traffic directly affects the ranking of the website.
  • Increase your website’s credibility in search engines.

Traffic Classification

Traffic is divided into 4 types by origin:

  • Direct Traffic: is Traffic obtained when users directly access the website and not through any other intermediary websites.
  • Organic Search Traffic: The amount of traffic that appears when users access the website from the search results rankings of search engines, most commonly Google Search.
  • Referral Traffic: These are website visits generated from other pages, pages that you have backlinks to and users they click on that link to visit the website. These backlinks are called referring pages.
  • Social Traffic: Traffic originating from social networking sites, through clicking on a link in an article or an advertisement on a social network (Google+, Facebook, twitter, …)

Case Study on increasing website Traffic is worth learning

Ahrefs: Removed 49% of shoddy posts

– Field: SEO SaaS Software

– Statistics:

  • Increase Traffic by 89% in 3 months
  • Removed 266 posts with no traffic (49% of all site posts)

– How did Ahrefs do it:

  1. Competitor analysis
  2. Advertise your website on other sites
  3. Check the entire website content
  4. Keyword research

All of the above works were researched and implemented by Ahrefs within 3 months from November 2015 to February 2016.

It seems crazy if we delete all the previous posts, since the posts on the website almost all have lasting value. But in 2015, the SEO experts at Ahrefs realized that almost half of their posts had no monthly hits.

Ahrefs said: “If we know that users are becoming more and more important to Google, then surely posts with no visits and no interactions will not bring a “good feeling” from customers. Google for the site. And unfortunately, there are a lot of posts like that on the Ahrefs site.”

After checking the entire website content, they deleted a total of 266 posts, which were only 179 to 700 words. In addition, Ahrefs created a redirect for any posts with backlinks, sending visitors to related posts or to their homepage.

However, “removing the old” is only half the process, now they have to update their strategy with the “new”. They have focused their time on creating quality articles on topics related to their products, combined with keyword research and competitor analysis to have public articles. want to read and love to read.

It can be said that an 89% increase in Traffic in 3 months is a great success for Ahrefs because they made these changes at the same time, checking old content and improving new content has contributed to the success of the website. their.

Nat Eliason: Bring the website from 0 to 10,000 monthly visits.

– Field: Marketing

– Statistics: Nat’s personal website receives 50,000 Traffic monthly. And this is the result of the goal of increasing from 0 to 10,000 Traffic after the first month

– How did they do:

  • Detailed content planning
  • Guest Posting
  • Check the contents

Clearly define and detail your goal, from a goal of 10,000 visits per month, more specifically, 333 visitors per day, divided by 6 blog posts and assuming each article there will be about 30 to 60 visits per day.

Nat made a huge list of post ideas, and then before doing keyword research, he sorted posts based on the depth of posts he was able to generate. He prioritizes time for the longest posts first with the best keyword quality. As a new website, Nat knew it would be difficult to take on large domains, so he focused his efforts by starting on articles that only beat the small sites.


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