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  • Today, I invite you to read with Website Rusq to learn about what is the meaning of WordPress ? Meanings of WordPress. Why in the field of information technology or website programming often use the term WordPress?

What is WordPress definition?

  • WordPress is an open source software (Open Source Software) written in PHP website programming language and using MySQL database management system; It is also the most popular website programming language duo today.
    WordPress was developed to cater to the general audience; No need to have in-depth knowledge of websites or programming can still use. Besides, the operations in WordPress are also simplified; The intuitive, easy-to-see interface will help newcomers easily understand the management structure of a WordPress website in a short time.
  • Because of its user-friendly interface, WordPress is only suitable for small projects, and currently about 25% of websites in the list of 100 largest websites in the world use WordPress source code. For example, CNN, TechCrunch, Mashable, Variety, BBC America, Sony Music, MTV News, Bata, Quartz, etc.


Many skin packs available

  • Designing a website interface for yourself on WordPress is not easy and users still need a certain professional knowledge. However, to better support users, WordPress has an extremely rich user interface system (both free and paid) available that you can use with just a few clicks.
  • Some themes are both free and beautiful that you can try: ThemeForest, MyThemeShop, Theme-Junkies, etc. Or you can check out the free WordPress themes at the WordPress.Org gallery.

Easy to use

  • Targeting the audience who are general users, do not have much knowledge of advanced website programming, so the operations in WordPress are very simple, the interface is easy to see, so you can understand the management structure of a WordPress website. As for how to reinstall even easier to use, you can manually install a WordPress website on your own host machine and run it yourself in a few mouse clicks.

Huge supportive community

  • As the world’s most popular open source CMS, this also means that you will be supported by the WordPress user community with any difficulties you may encounter during use. If you use good English skills, you can easily find the answer to your problem on Google with just a few search keywords.

Many plugins support

  • An extension plugin means an installation component added to WordPress to help it have more necessary features, for example, if you need the feature to make a sales page for WordPress, then install the WooCommerce plugin for example. With the advantage of a large number of users, the plugin library of WordPress is also extremely rich, both free and paid, most of the common features you can find through plugins.

Affordable cost for small business

The cost to create a WordPress website is not expensive at all because most of the supporting plugins and themes on WordPress are free, only when you want to upgrade your website will you have to pay. The cost to design a website usually includes the following costs:

  1. + Domain name (also known as website address)
  2. + Extensions (eg: .com; .vn; .net….)
  3. + Hosting
  4. + Themes + plugins (if any)

Ease of development for programmers

  • If you are a master of HTML, CSS, and PHP, you can easily extend your WordPress website with a lot of extremely useful features. The way to develop is also very simple because WordPress is open source so you can easily learn how it works to develop more new features.
  • With its thousands of built-in functions that you can freely use, you can also change the structure of a function with filter hooks and virtually any professional programmer’s workflow can. easy application into WordPress.

Support multiple languages

  • WordPress is now developed with a lot of language packs included, including Vietnamese. Although each interface or plugin has its own language, you can easily translate it yourself with supporting software.


Despite possessing many outstanding advantages, WordPress still has many disadvantages as follows:

  • + WordPress lacks basic user management and role division on the website. However, this can be overcome through multisite plugins to split management roles, but it cannot be as good as using a CMS with built-in functions.
  • As a website for those who do not have much knowledge of how to create a website, WordPress has also been reported to have low performance in handling large and multisite databases.
  • + Many free WordPress themes and plugins are not updated and supported, making it difficult to keep everything running smoothly when the WordPress platform is updated. The simplest solution to this is to rely mainly on premium plugins.
    Shared host means sharing resources with other websites on that server. And the larger the shared resource, the slower it runs

You may have less specialized technical support. However, as mentioned above, if you look for the right supplier. This is not a problem


Can I make money from WordPress?

  • The answer is OK. Because in fact, webmasters have many ways to make money online from their website.
  • Common uses such as: running ads, affiliate marketing, selling or opening online courses, …..

How to install plugins in WordPress?

  • In WordPress, Plugins are like apps. If you know the name of the Plugin, then you just need to type the name of that Plugin in the Settings section. After finding the right Plugin you need, click Activate to activate it.

Some Popular Plugins For Your WordPresss?

The following are popular Plugins such as:

  1. + Jetpack
  2. + Akismet
  3. + Yoast SEO
  4. + Ninja Form
  5. + Monarch
  6. + WPDiscuz
  7. + UpdraftPlus
  8. + WP Rocket
  9. + Bloom
  10. + Slider Revolution
  11. + Beaver Builder
  12. + Themify Announcement Bar
  13. + WooCommerce
  14. + ManageWP
  15. + WP Migrate DB
  16. + iThemes Security Pro
  17. + Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights
  18. + Syntax Highlighter Evolved
  19. + Redirection
  20. + WPML
  21. + BuddyPress

Therefore, if you are a new individual or business and are looking to create a website, use WordPress because comparing the advantages and disadvantages, then WordPress is one of the websites that help users design their own. The most convenient.


  • Through this article, Rusq.org hopes readers will understand what WordPress is? Meanings of WordPress. And also hope that the above information will help readers understand the meaning of the WordPress phrase that programmers often use today.

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